Create Mobile Website in Minutes with Strikingly

Web development and designing can take out a big chunk of time for us web creators, especially in big web projects with a tight deadline. Here is a tool that makes it easier and faster to create your basic web pages – Strikingly.

Strikingly is a one-page website builder that lets anyone create simple yet unconventional online showcases and websites. Best of all you don’t even have to touch the coding to do so.

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Creating a Webpage

Strikingly features a very sleek and organized dashboard that is very easy to use. Register for a free account and start creating your first web page by clicking on the very large, yellow button you see in your dashboard.

Choose to create a new business project, a personal site or a portfolio. You can then choose through pre-made templates ready for you to edit.


Next, time to start looking into what feature each editor has to offer.

Background Editor

Did you choose a one-page template with a background like I did? You can easily change the background to another one they provided or easily upload your own by clicking the black ‘background’ button in the top right corner.


On the website editor menu, the ‘Settings’ button shows you customization you can do to the title and url, descriptions, custom domains, mobile actions, header and footer settings, webpage privacy, custom codes, templates, services and a bunch more in between!

Image Editor

You don’t just have to stick with only an upload button, when it comes to Strikingly they have implemented the reputable Aviary editor right into the image uploader. You can easily resize, crop, add image effects, adjust brightness, adjust contrast and more right in Strikingly all without leaving your browser!

Text Editor

Strikingly’s text editor is not only simple to use but also has some great little features including a font editor, bold and italics, lists and more.

Extra: Going Pro

Strikingly’s pro membership allows you to gain a load of more great and useful features including:

  • The ability to connect a custom domain with your webpage,
  • Unlimited website visitors,
  • Publish 5 websites,
  • Free domain and email,
  • Access to the Strikingly app store,
  • Mobile action buttons,
  • Embed HTML, CSS and Javascript,
  • Password protected websites,
  • Advanced image editing, and
  • The ability to remove that annoying and intrusive website branding.

Going Pro is only $16/month; in comparison, the Starter pack is $8/month. You can use this for free, but with limited features. For more info, check the pricing plans here.

Don’t have the budget for it? Strikingly features a rewards tab in your dashboard that allows you to earn a free pro membership by doing things like sharing it on Twitter.


The membership pricings are a bit on the pricier side but, of course you have a full and easy to use website editor which comes with hosting and possibly a discounted domain in which, it may just be worth it!