20 Eye-Catching Mobile Calendar Designs For Your Inspiration

We cannot deny the importance of the calendar – forgetting an anniversary of a birthday of a spouse can get you in a whole lot of trouble. Jokes aside, for many of us, we cannot function at work or at home, without referring to the calendar, be it for appointments, deadlines or meetings.

To stay organized, most of us will use calendar apps like Sunrise or a calendar widget for Android devices, or Google Calendar. After a while, all these calendars begin to look the same, and you know, it is time we seek for some inspiration elsewhere.

Fortunately for us, there are plenty of eye-catching mobile calendar designs out there, created by very talented designers. Hopefully the 20 samples in this post today will make designers of calendar apps rethink the way they build their calendar interface.

Task Update by Rovane Durso

Calendar UI by Alex Bender

Clyp by Riccardo Carlet

PhotoCal by Jason Yoo

Anchor Calendar App by Alex / Tapein

Booking Calendar: Month by Ethan Leon for Guerilla Suit

Calendar by Jakub Antalik

Week view by Maria Shanina

Lucid Dream by Michael Sambora

Calendar App Concept #1 by Geoffrey Couten

Your Trip by NIMIUS

iOS 7 University App by Joe Mortell

Date Select wip by Michael Sambora

Android Concept Calendar View by Alek Manov

uiGo Colors by Rodrigo Santino

Calendar & Tasks Lock Screen & interaction Demo by Ilya Tsuprun

Mobile App Slider by Kenny Sing

iOS7 Calendar App by Nils Hoenson

Flat Todo calendar by Henrik Xu

Delete And Assign Task To Teammate (in action) by Tobs

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