20 Flat Mobile UI Designs For Your Inspiration

Propelled by Windows 8 and iOS 7, flat design has been one of the most popular design trends. Emphasizing functionality over style, flat design focuses on typography and colors instead of visual effects like 3D elements and drop shadows.

It is also one of the most polarizing of styles to bombard iOS users, particularly those who were used to (and still love) the skeumorphism of earlier iOS versions. Thoughtful selections of typography, single-colored backgrounds, and a very-much muted color palette are some elements that contribute to a well-executed flat design.

But why tell when we can show you? Some designers out there have already hit the home run with flat design, and we have a collection of some of the best examples of flat design for mobile interfaces to share with you.

Yummly Mobile

Creator: Douglas Hughmanick

Douglas Hughmanick
uiGo Colors

Creator: Rodrigo Santino

Rodrigo Santino
Időkép Weather app

Creator: Attila Szabó

Attila Sza
Smart Home

Creator: Eyal Zuri

Eyal Zuri
Discovery Channel

Creator: Enes Daniş

Discovery Channel

Creator: Kimy Alvarez and Lawdi

Seznam.cz Email Client Concept

Creator: MAVVO

Messenger App

Creator: Dave Keller

Dave Keller

Creator: Ilker ŞENER


Creator: Ehsan Rahimi

Ehsan Rahimi

Creator: Christian Pfeiffer

Christian Pfeiffer

Creator: Martin Spurway

Martin Spurway
Samsung Smart Home

Creator: Ali Rahmoun

Ali Rahmoun
Metro Style UI

Creator: Juli Sudi

Juli Sudi
Settings Screen

Creator: Karol Ortyl

Karol Ortyl

Creator: Arkadiusz Platek

Arkadiusz Platek
Mail for iOS

Creator: Michael

Activity Feed

Creator: Vasjen Katro

Vasjen Katro
Loyalty App Dashboard

Creator: Plat4M

Free Ringtones (Android)

Creator: Artem Tolstykh

Artem Tolstykh