Stop Appearing on Facebook Ads: Tips to Avoid Recommendation Targeting

If you don’t already know, Facebook has been using your personal preferences on its ads network, which includes your name, likes and other activities. To some, this may be a major privacy issue since Facebook is using its users’ personal data without prior consent to falsely attract or mislead others for marketing or advertising purposes.

It is quite impossible to expect Facebook to change their advertising strategy especially when a majority Facebook users did not express discomfort with the issue. But if this bugs you, there is a solution that will remove Facebook’s misuse of your personal data.

This can be achieved by changing the account setting on your Facebook account. With only one simple action, your personal data will be free from exposure.

1. Account Setting

Login to your Facebook account and click on the ‘Account Settings’ button at the top right corner of your Facebook page.

Account Settings

2. Facebook Ads

Click on the ‘Facebook Ads’ button on the left menu.

Facebook Ads

3. Ads and friends

Clicking on the ‘Facebook Ads’ menu will bring you to the ads setting page. You are given two options:

  1. Ads by third parties – Mainly for future planning
  2. Ads and Friends – Current setting

Since we are looking at the current privacy setting, lets go to the second option that says ‘Ads and friends’, and click on ‘Edit social ads setting’.

Ads and Friends

4. Pair for no one

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and change the setting ‘Pair my social actions with ads for’ from ‘Only my friends’ to ‘No one’, and then click on the save button.

Pair with no one


It takes only one simple step to be free from this Facebook recommended ads issue. Your name or pictures will no longer appear on any recommendation ads within Facebook, and you won’t be made to mislead your friends on your preferences on the social networking site.

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