Enhance Siri’s Capabilities with GoogolPlex: Control Any App

Note: GoogolPlex is no longer available.

Originally launched with the iPhone 4S in 2011, Siri lets you control native iOS apps using voice commands. However, it doesn’t work with third-party apps unless you jailbreak your device.

Good news! A hack named GoogolPlex, created by four University of Pennsylvania students for the PennApps Spring 2014 hackathon, aims to change this.

GoogolPlex reroutes your Siri requests to its own server using a man-in-the-middle exploit. This allows it to understand a broader set of commands than Apple permits. The best part? No jailbreak is needed, it’s quick to install, and you can customize it using JavaScript.

How to Make Siri Say Anything

How to Make Siri Say Anything

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Setting Up GoogolPlex

First, navigate to Settings > Wi-Fi. Tap the i icon next to your current network.

Wi-Fi Settings on iOS

Scroll down to HTTP PROXY, select Auto, and enter “http://totally.betterthansiri.com” in the URL field.


Activate GoogolPlex by saying a command like “GoogolPlex play Michael Jackson” to Siri. You’ll be prompted to trust the server and log in or register an account.

First Time Using GoogolPlex

Registration is simple, and you can later create custom commands.

Registering for GoogolPlex

Once registered, log in to start using GoogolPlex.

Logging into GoogolPlex


GoogolPlex allows you to use Siri with third-party apps and even create your own custom commands. You can also use scripts created by others.

List of GoogolPlex Commands

Initially, GoogolPlex provides some default commands, like playing Michael Jackson songs on Spotify.

Demo of GoogolPlex in Action

It also integrates with hardware like Nest Thermostats and Tesla cars, allowing voice-controlled actions.

Creating Custom Commands

GoogolPlex lets you create custom commands using JavaScript. You can even import JavaScript libraries if needed.

Here’s how to create a command:

1. Log in and click Add a New Siri Command.

2. Name your command, set the trigger phrase, and write the script.

Creating a Custom Command in GoogolPlex

3. Click Save Siri Command. You can edit or delete it later.

4. Share your command if you think it will be useful to others.

Sharing a Custom Command
Featured Commands

You can browse and install commands created by others if you’re not comfortable making your own.

Featured Commands in GoogolPlex


GoogolPlex significantly enhances Siri’s functionality, allowing it to work with third-party apps. While Apple hasn’t responded yet, this is currently the best way to expand Siri’s capabilities without jailbreaking.