You Can Now Enable Siri to Read Out Your WhatsApp Messages

iOS WhatsApp users can now use the chat application without even touching the keyboard as Siri can now read out recently received messages in the version 2.17.20 update.

If this feature seems like something you’ll enjoy using, here’s how you can enable it.

Make sure that your device’s iOS is updated to 10.3.1. WhatsApp should also be updated to version 2.17.20.

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  1. Enable the Hey Siri feature by going into Settings and then selecting Siri.
    enable siri
  2. Once in, tap on the Hey Siri toggle button and choose Allow.
  3. Once the Hey Siri feature is activated, all you really need to do is say Hey Siri and ask her to "read my last WhatsApp message".
    read my last whatsapp message

Assuming that everything is done correctly, Siri would immediately read out any recently received messages on WhatsApp.

Siri’s ability to read out WhatsApp messages also complements a pre-existing feature that allows the user to reply to a message with just their voice. Once Siri is done reading out the messages, the assistant will prompt the user if they would like to reply.

If the user chooses to do so, they can choose to dictate the reply to Siri, after which the assistant would automatically sent it.

Do take note that while Siri is perfectly competent when it comes to reading out WhatsApp messages, the messages that are sent by people who frequently utilised shortened SMS-like text will sound highly disjointed.

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