How to Send & Receive SMS in Chrome Without a Phone

Ever gone to work or class but forgot to bring your phone along? What options would you have then? Well, you can borrow a colleague or a classmate’s phone for emergency texts or calls, but there is no way to receive the messages that are sent to our phone. If you have access to a computer then you can use your other online social networks to communicate with friends but what about those who are not comfortable using this method?

How about using your Chrome browser to manage your SMSes without even using your phone? Well, we’ve found out that you can do that with MightyText, aptly known as Texty. MightyText is an Android application that will synchronize your SMSes with a Chrome browser via an extension. This allows you to use Chrome to send and receive your SMSes during emergencies like this.

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Send and receive SMS via Chrome

To prepare for this, download MightyText Android App on your phone from Google Play.

MightyText Android App

When the installation is complete, open the app and complete setup by connecting MightyText with your Google account.

Then install MightyText Chrome Extension on your browser.

MightyText Chrome Extension

Once installation is done, you will be prompted with a notification telling you that you can start sending and receiving SMS from your Chrome Browser. An icon has now been added to your browser. Click the MightyText icon.

Chrome Icon

After clicking MightyText icon, you will be prompted with your account status: you are not logged in to your Google account. Click on the link to sign in using your Google account.

Connect Google

It will redirect you to a new page to allow the access. Click ‘Allow’.

Connect Google

Once the access is granted, you will see a popup at the top right corner of your computer screen notifying you about how many messages have been received since you installed the Android app. Now every time when you received SMS, you will see this popup.

SMS notification

That said, you can now start sending and receiving SMS from your computer right in your Chrome browser. Anytime you need to use the application, open your Chrome browser and click on the MightyText icon to view the MightyText SMS page.

MightyText Extension

At the top bar, there’s a notice to sync your contacts. Click to sync MightyText with your Google contacts so that the mobile numbers will appear as your friend’s names instead of their numbers. To compose new messages, simply click the ‘Compose New’ button.


You will be able to use MightyText with your Chrome browser as long as you are connected to the Internet. Note that even if you are sending SMS from your browser, you will still be charged with the standard SMS fee. This is just one of the many ways Chrome is making your life a whole lot easier.