Search for Tech Jobs Anywhere With This Real-Time Web App

Massive growth in the job market applies to the tech sector more than anywhere else. This includes big data, DBAs, DevOps teams, and coders specializing in AI.

But what if there was one site you could use to search for all current job openings in the tech field across the world?

There actually is a site that does this called Who Is Hiring.

This free job search web app uses GPS data of your location to search for all jobs in your country. You can either search by location (San Francisco, Houston, etc.) or you can search by career type (RoR developer, MongoDB admin, etc.).

Probably the coolest feature is the live map update. If you live anywhere near a metropolitan area you’ll probably see large circles with numbers inside.

If you click to zoom in further you’ll notice the circles spread out by location. Each number represents the total job opportunities in that area.

As you click into smaller areas, you’ll get a list of jobs on the right side. Each one includes the city, address, and position.

searching tech jobs

All jobs are sourced from live APIs, many from the Stack Overflow job board. There are many design-related jobs sourcing from boards such as Authentic Jobs, too.

If any position stands out you can click the little card for more information. It’ll expand to include the posting date and a lengthy description of qualifications and responsibilities.

This search site revolutionizes the idea of searching for a job. It’s the epitome of finding work “all in one place” with extra features like saving jobs for later or leaving notes on certain jobs that draw your attention.

You can make an account on the site by connecting with GitHub or Twitter. Your private info is stored locally, so it’s not a public social network. Instead, this site offers a way to keep track of jobs you’ve already looked into and maybe some you’ve applied for.

Other cool features include a stats page organizing jobs based on the required languages or technologies.

Who Is Hiring is the best one-stop shop for finding the newest tech jobs worldwide. You can browse by location, job type, or both! And since it curates jobs from all over the web, you know you’re getting the largest number of results.