How to Schedule Birthday Greetings in Facebook

Often times, you forget to send your friends’ birthday wishes, be it on Facebook, via phone call or messages. Sure, it’s not a big deal to forget birthdays but it is nice to show your friends that you are always there for them in their lives, celebrating their great moments with them. Being too busy to remember is not a cool way to explain your absent-mindedness, when in the past you can easily find the time to prepare a birthday card for them.

So what can you do to keep up with birthday wishes, at least on Facebook? What could probably be the most efficient way is to schedule automated birthday wishes. Every time a birthday arrives, a birthday wish will be automatically posted on your friend’s Facebook Wall. Cool? Indeed, there is a way to get it done with BirthdayFB, a web application that will automatically do just that.

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Connect Facebook with BirthdayFB

To get started, go to the official page of BirthdayFB and connect with your Facebook account.

BirthdayFB Connect Facebook

Once connected, you will be redirected to the main page, where you will see a list of upcoming birthdays of your friends on Facebook.

upcoming list

Scheduling birthday wishes with BirthdayFB

Scheduling birthday message is easy: click on the ‘Write Messages’ tab and you will be redirected to a page where you can write your birthday messages.

Write Messages

As you can see on the above screenshot, there are 4 sections to fill up and the steps are as follow;

  1. Firstly, select the wish you want to post on your friend’s wall. You can use the dropdown menu to select ‘canned’ messages. Canned messages are pre-set messages you have saved earlier, or that are prepared by BirthdayFB.

  2. Use the text box to write your own messages, if you prefer to not use the ‘canned’ messages from the dropdown menu.

  3. If you write your own message and you want to save it as a canned message, check the ‘Save as a canned message’ option so you can use it again.

  4. Click ‘Save’ when you are ready to schedule the message.

Canned messages

Canned messages are saved and re-usable messages. Every time when you save a new message, it will appear in your collection.

To manage your canned messages, click on the ‘Canned Messages’ tab. To create a new pre-set or canned message, click on ‘+New Canned Messages’. You can also edit or remove the existing messages by clicking on ‘Edit’ or ‘Remove’ buttons on the right side of every message.

Canned Messages

The canned messages that you can edit are those that you saved, but the ones prepared by BirthdayFB will remain as such.

Scheduled Messages

The messages once scheduled, will be posted on your friend’s wall during the wee hours of their birthdays; that said, you will only be able to edit those messages before it gets posted.

To edit, click on ‘Scheduled Messages’ tab and click on the ‘Edit’ button to customize your messages.

Scheduled Messages


With this Facebook ‘helper’, you don’t have to worry about forgetting or having to rush to post birthday wishes on your friends’ Facebook Wall on their birthdays.