Resume Trick: AI-Powered Resume Creator (Review)

Turn your qualifications into a masterpiece with Resume Trick's AI assistance.

Creating a resume shouldn’t be a daunting task. Gone are the days when you had to craft your resume from scratch or start with a blank Photoshop canvas. While we’ve previously discussed the merits of using ChatGPT for resume creation, there’s more to a resume than just text. If you’re looking for a resume that not only reads well but also looks great, and that you can download with a single click, then a resume creator is what you need.

Enter “Resume Trick.”

Developed by the team at Icecream Apps – the same people behind tools like Icecream Video Converter and IMGCandy Online Image Editor – Resume Trick offers a seamless experience for creating visually appealing resumes. It’s completely free, and upon creating your resume, you can download it with a single click, no watermark, no strings attached.

Screenshot of Resume Trick homepage

In the following sections, I’m going to give you a walkthrough of creating a resume with this tool.

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Features of Resume Tricks

In a nutshell, Resume Trick is an AI-powered, free resume generator. It also allows you to create a CV and cover letter. As of now, it comes with 20 ATS-approved resume templates to help you get started.

Let’s take a closer look at its features:

  • Completely Free to Use: The tool offers a completely free online service for writing resumes, crafting CVs, and creating cover letters. There are no hidden fees or subscriptions required.
  • Template Customization: Users have the option to select from a range of professional templates, which can be customized to highlight individual qualifications and experiences.
  • Cross-Device Accessibility: Since this is an online tool, users can create, manage, and update their resumes and cover letters, as well as retrieve previously created ones, from any device as long as they log in to their profile on the website.
  • AI Assistance: The tool employs AI-generated text to help users create or complete their resumes more quickly.

Creating Resume with Resume Tricks

Here’s how to create a resume, CV, or cover letter with this tool. The processes are similar, so in this post, we’re going to walk you through how to create a resume.

Choose a template from the given list and click “Use this template.”

Selecting a template

You will then be redirected to a blank resume template, where you can start filling in all the particulars.

Begin by filling in your personal particulars. A progress bar with a percentage indicator will show you how much you’ve completed as you go along.

Filling in personal information

Next, complete the Professional Summary section with an overview of your professional accomplishments and achievements. Outline your most relevant skills, experiences, and traits that make you an ideal candidate for the job you’re applying for. Click “Add AI-generated text” to utilize the AI-generated text feature for assistance.

Professional Summary section

Proceed to add your experience(s). For the description of your current or previous job, you can leverage the AI-generated text feature for help.

Adding work experience

Once that’s done, fill in your educational information.

Filling in education details

Next, add your skill set and rate yourself in terms of expertise level.

Adding skills

Add links to any personal, professional, or social profiles, portfolios, work samples, or websites that can directly support your qualifications for the job.

Adding links

Finally, you can add any other sections or elements that you believe would add value to your resume.

Adding extra sections

When you’re all done, click the “Download” button located at the top right corner. Your resume will be created and downloaded directly to your desktop, all for free.

Download button

Here’s a sample of how one resume created with Resume Trick would look like:

Sample resume

Note: You can create as many resumes, CVs, and cover letters as you’d like. They will all be listed and available for editing and download on your profile page.

Profile page with listed resumes

If you want to create a resume, CV, or even a cover letter quickly and then download or send it off on the fly – all for free and without the need for other tools – then this tool will come in handy and is worth bookmarking and considering. Now, I’ll leave you with some pros and cons that I personally found while using the tool.

  • Create resumes and cover letters completely free of charge.
  • Simple and easy-to-use interface.
  • Could offer a wider variety of templates to choose from.

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