Rainy Day Photography: 35 Dazzling Examples

A lot of photographers consider the bad weather as one of the worst things for shooting high quality photos outside. In my opinion, there is no bad or good weather for shooting photographs, as each weather has got its own beauty. Bad weather, especially the raining time, is the best period to try out and shoot some rare and beautiful works into your portfolio.

That said, in this post we want to showcase you 35 photographs which show not only intriguing beauty but elegance and uniqueness, and they are all captured during the rain. Take a hot coffee, and enjoy the frozen moment of the rain.

A Walk In The Rain. Take a look at this beautiful dark rain photo. Don’t you like the great mix of darkness, rain, and very colorful umbrella? – I do. (Image Source: MarcelGermain)

a walk in the rain

Gutter. Don’t just look at this photo and see an edge of a roof with some drops of rain. Feel it, be it. Think as the artist thought when shooting this photo – imagine. (Image Source: Mollie S)


Rain & Moth. What would you do if you saw this creature somewhere near your keyboard? You would probably get it, and throw away from the window! However, it actually made me stare at this photo for some good minutes – because the entire photo looks great! (Image Source: black&white)

rain and moth

Rainwalk. Rainwalk, as this photograph is named, is probably the best name for it. It doesn’t contain many elements in it, however, those drops of rain, bokeh effect, different lights on the back, make it a worthy shot. (Image Source: Evgeniya Righini-Brand & My God, It’s Full Of Stars!)


It’s Still Sunny At The Lake. This is an extremely profound picture, and its beauty mainly achieved by 2 elements: the sunlight and the darkness under the clouds. (Image Source: Daniel)

its still sunny at the lake

Cloud Attack. The landscape was shot after the rain stopped, what an extremely beautiful moment. (Image Source: Soumya)

cloud attack

Catching the Rain. Take a closer look at this beautiful night photography involving rain, lights, and people running under the power of the rain. (Image Source: The Round Peg)

catching the rain

Rain And Smiley. Undoubtedly the beautiful smiling umbrella is the key which makes the entire photo feels pleasant. (Image Source: danny st.)

rain and smiley

Summer Rain. Did you realize that rain drop is one of the most beautiful natural phenomenons in this world? (Image Source: HonBless)

summer rain

Fly In The Rain. A beautiful after-rain photography which focuses on green color, shape of leaves, and the shiny little bug. (Image Source: Burning Image)

fly in the rain

City Streets Of Tokyo. What a superb shot of the big town’s street, in rush hour, in the middle of full rain. (Image Source: Stuck in Customs)

city streets of tokyo

Rainy Days. The grass, the rain drops and the bokeh effect are making it really appealing. (Image Source: kellyburnham)

rainy days

After A Rainy Day. Another photograph which focuses on small yet beautiful rain drops. (Image Source: Pyan (AkaAguma))

after a rainy day

Rain. The following photograph, is an unique, and very interesting way to shoot rain photos. The photo is actually shot from the other side of the window, which makes it look totally awesome. (Image Source: GhostlyGoblin)


Rain and Sunshine. A nicely processed photography of two ladies which are having a great fun under rain. (Image Source: ymefreak)

rain and sunshine

Glided Rain. A beautiful rain with nice lighting and gorgeous bokeh effect applied, it happened everywhere, did your eye notice it? (Image Source: wasureru)

glided rain

Point of View. Another very interesting way to shoot rain photos, and the photo looks more romantic under this technique. (Image Source: Donato Buccella)

point of view

Silhouette in the Rain. The dark silhouette in the night makes the photo looking so strange but at the same time so elegant and attracting. (Image Source: dannyst)

silhouette in the rain

Standing in the Rain II. Another lovely photo with a smiling couple under the rain, it’s raining but I can feel the warm. (Image Source: fhrankee)

standing in the rain ii

A Smile in the Rain. This black and white shot is perfectly entitled as in the picture, there’s only 1 focus point, the smile in the rain. (Image Source: dannyst)

a smile in the rain

Let It Rain. Another perfect and intriguing picture of a city “attacked” by rain, witnessed through the glass. (Image Source: ADOUR)

let it rain

Amsterdam Rain. This shot is another example of a nice rain photography with a simple but at the same time nice bokeh effect applied, which greatly increases its beauty. (Image Source: sridge)

amsterdam rain

After the Rain. What a beautiful green leaf with some tiny & just awesome raindrops on it, masterpiece! (Image Source: Isa’s Photography)

after the rain

Beautiful Rain. Magnificent shot with sensational elements. Besides this, can you manage to read what’s written on her leg? (Image Source: Anne Marthe Widvey)

beautiful rain

Rain, Rain Don’t Go Away. A skilfully edited photograph in order to make a nice looking photo out of a simple shot. (Image Source: Southernpixel Alby)

rain rain dont go away

After Rain. Fresh and bright photo, rain is not just about darkness! (Image Source: russsell)

after rain

Through the Window. Great shot with a mysterious feel, the reflection effect is really cool. (Image Source: algo)

through the window

Photography LOVE. An unique rain photograph which the artist exposed himself, and the processing is awesome! (Image Source: ravenewyork)

photography love

Rain Window. Just change an angle of shooting will make the entire photo looks unique! And does this photo remind you the time you stare at the car’s windows? (Image Source: Official BlackBerry Images)

rain window