8 Alternative Podcast Apps for Android

Podcast is a digital audio file which is mostly available in the form of episodic series. The podcast resides on the server of the distributor as a web feed, and listeners like you and I must install an application, commonly called a podcatcher to access this web feed

The podcatcher also checks for updates in the audio series and downloads any new files are uploaded in the series. We’ve previously written about setting up your own podcasts but for this post, we’re looking at the best podcast apps to get for Android devices.

Note: Unless a price is listed, the app is free to use.

PodCast Republic

PodCast Republic lets you search for podcasts in iTunes directly from an Android device. Some of its notable features are the ability to search almost any podcast available, the ability to add a podcast manually, support for multiple languages, podcast feed, Chromecast support, built-in media player, download management, multiple playlist support, easy customization and much more.

podcast republic

BeyondPod Podcast Manager

With BeyondPod Podcast Manager, you can save your feeds and check them out when you’re offline, download content automatically, play podcasts with the integrated player, generate smart playlists based on your listening to preferences, have one button-access to your podcasts with a widget, discover and search new podcast/RSS feeds, use the sleep feature, etc.

The app is a free version but to unlock pro features, you need to install the key to unlock it ($6.99).

beyondpod podcast

Podcast Addict

Podcast Addict is an app that allows you to manage all your audio and video podcasts, iTunes podcasts, YouTube channels and news feeds. Some of the features of Podcast Addict include support for Chromecast, automatic update and downloading, advanced deletion features, variable playback speed, the search engine for searching podcasts, sleep timer, various themes, full app backup etc.

podcast addcit

PodKicker Podcast Player

PodKicker Podcast Player is a free to use podcatcher with an easy to use, intuitive and clean user interface. It lets you stream and download podcasts and has support for both audio and video files. You can also import and export OPML files, search for podcasts with it, and it will serve recommendations of podcasts based on your current subscriptions. Browsing can also be done according to region.

This app is the free version. For more advanced options, you can get the Pro version for $1.99.


Bonus: More Podcast Apps

Player FM

Watch your podcasts with Player FM – Podcast & Sync even while you are not connected to the Internet. Important features include cloud synchronization on multiple platforms, hundreds of topics, quick synchronization, full catalog, episode management, an active and attractive interface etc. For further details, kindly visit the official website here.

player fm
RatPoison Player

RatPoison Podcast Player is a podcast as well as YouTube RSS player. There are more than 30,000 podcasts and a few radio channels that are registered under the umbrella of RatPoison Podcast Player. You can also subscribe to or add YouTube channels as well via this app.


DoublePod PodCasts for Android lets you enjoy more than 250,000 free podcasts in a fast and convenient way. It allows you to search, download and delete podcasts easily too. Country settings allow you to filter out podcasts from a specific country. [Get the app]

double pod
Smart Podcast

Smart Podcast is an integrated audio and video player for playing podcasts, but you can use any good external media player as well for this purpose. Where it truly excels is in its powerful podcast search function. Search for podcasts based on keywords and the list of podcasts being downloaded will be automatically refreshed in the background. You can determine how often the lists get refreshed.

smart podcast