45 Innovative Planking Photography Examples

The lying down game, commonly referred to as planking, has rapidly gained popularity on the internet. Numerous photos showcasing various planking poses have appeared on social media, capturing the attention of many.

In this article, we present 43 remarkable photos showcasing intriguing planking poses in unexpected scenarios. Sit back, sip your coffee, and delve into these amusing images. Additionally, we will introduce Horsemaning, the upcoming internet sensation!

Absolute Balance Mastery

It’s simple to plank on flat surfaces, but achieving this on a chair requires incredible balance!

Person demonstrating perfect balance by planking on a chair
Reflections at Glencree

An illusion of a little girl planking on water. The mirror-like reflection is simply breathtaking.

Little girl planking on water with brilliant reflection
Innovative Car Plank

Why plank on top of a car when you can do it inside? An undeniably ingenious shot.

Creative planking inside a car
Adventurous Crack Planking

Perhaps the most unique way to traverse gaps. A technique yet to be discovered by many hikers. To all the hikers out there, explore and have fun with this method!

Adventurous planking across a large crack on the ground
Enchanting Entrance Plank

Immersing in the planking trend with a touch of whimsy and fun.

Whimsical planking at an entrance
Classic Facedown in Bokeyland

This photo exemplifies that a traditional facedown pose can still make a significant impact.

Individual in a classic facedown pose in Bokeyland
Creative Wet Plank

Fountains are a common sight, but it’s rare to see someone think outside the box and plank on top of one.

Individual planking on top of a fountain
Extreme Planking Challenge

This pose isn’t for everyone. It’s a testament to the daring spirit of some plankers. Nevertheless, do not attempt this!

Daring planking at a great height
Adorable Little Girl Planking

Possibly the most heartwarming planking photo in existence.

Cute little girl doing a plank pose
Table Tennis with a Twist

The day’s table tennis match introduced some unexpected challenges.

Table tennis game with a planking twist
Planking Challenge to the Army

A bold planking move in front of the army. We’re left wondering about the aftermath!

Daring planking in front of an army unit
Lake-Edge Planking Surprise

A seemingly standard planking photo takes an unexpected twist as it looks like someone might’ve playfully pushed the planker into the water.

Individual planking on the edge of a lake
Monster-Themed Planking Fun

While the monster alone is comical, adding a planker into the mix makes the scenario downright hilarious.

Individual planking alongside a funny monster figure
Tank-Topped Planking

Experience the powerful juxtaposition of a calm planker atop a symbol of might and strength.

Individual planking on top of a military tank
Planking Amidst Bovine Bemusement

Animals, particularly cows, might find it perplexing when humans engage in such intriguing poses.

Individual planking in a field with curious cows
Planking with a Police Presence

Urban planking reaches new heights of thrill when the police are part of the scene, whether they join in or not.

Individuals planking on a street with police nearby
Timely Planking Moments

Because every moment has its perfect setting, even for a plank.

Planker in a unique environment
Polar Bear Planking Antics

It appears that even the polar bears can’t resist the allure of this peculiar human trend.

Polar bear mimicking the planking pose
Car-Top Garage Planking

Scott demonstrates a challenging car-top planking in the garage. A testament that it’s more difficult than it appears.

Individual planking on a car in a garage
Cypress Mountain’s Frozen Lake Planking

Joining the planking movement, here’s an audacious feat on a frozen lake atop Cypress Mountain, Vancouver, BC.

Individual planking on a frozen lake atop a mountain
Industrial Tanker Planking

The mystery remains: how did they get their hands on such massive gear for this plank?

Individual planking on a large industrial tanker
High-Speed Chase Planking with Rachael

Is this the evolution of the Need For Speed series? Introducing, the high-adrenaline version of planking.

Individual planking on a fast-moving vehicle with Rachael
Roadside Risk with Jeep-Over Planking

Planking on the ground seems harmless until a Jeep, driven by Scott, decides to join the scene.

Individual planking on the road as a Jeep approaches
Basketball Board Planking Feat

Proving that basketball boards have more potential uses than just sports, especially in the planking world.

Individual planking on a basketball board
Childhood Spider Web Planking

Who would’ve thought that spider webs from our childhood tales could inspire an entertaining game of planking?

Individual planking amidst a giant spider web
Galactic Star Wars-themed Planking

Steering away from conventional planking for a Star Wars twist, these are certainly the planks we’re looking for!

Star Wars characters in unique planking positions
Aeroplane Wing Planking Adventure

Walking on an aeroplane’s wing is off-limits, but what about a daring plank on it?

Daring individual planking on an aeroplane's wing
Serious Water-line Planking

For a planking act to be truly humorous, the planker’s seriousness is key, right?

Person planking seriously on a waterline
Heavenly Mountain Planking at 3000m

Experience a breathtaking mountainous view from 3000 meters with a daring plank.

Person planking at a great altitude amidst the mountains

The Rise and Debate of Horsemaning

As horsemaning (or “fake beheading”) emerges, aiming to outpace planking as the new meme, its authenticity gets scrutinized. With Gawker and Dembot suggesting BuzzFeed might have artificially created the meme, questions arise: Does the meme’s origin matter, especially if internet users are already embracing the trend?

Detached Head Magazine Perusal

Who knew reading a magazine with your head detached could be so entertaining?

Head detached from body while reading a magazine
MTV Buzzworthy Blog
Levitating Head with a Scenic View

Rotate your head without moving your body for an intriguing view of what lies behind.

Floating head offering a perspective of the individual's back
The Evolution of Horsemaning: 2.0

Dive into the futuristic world of horsemaning, now enriched by the expansive network of Google+.

A modern take on the horsemaning trend
The Unplugged Moustached Head

Relaxing on a chair was never this quirky, with the moustached head casually unplugged.

Man with a moustache doing the horsemaning act
Headless Gaming

Why let the position of your head dictate your gaming experience?

A headless gamer deeply immersed in gameplay
Horsemaners Anonymous
The Prohibition Poster Trick

Breaking the rules or just creatively circumventing them? You decide.

Creative take on the 'Post No Bills' sign
The Curious Case of the Missing Head

A gentle reminder, sir – your head seems to have wandered off.

Man without his head in place
Quirky Charm: The Atypical Model

Some combinations might raise eyebrows, but isn’t that the essence of horsemaning?

A man striking a unique pose


While the meme has garnered significant appreciation, there’s no lack of critics labeling it as nonsensical or an activity for the bored. However, the involvement of professional photographers suggests there’s more to it than just a whimsical pastime. Perhaps, beneath the apparent silliness lies a spark of creativity, birthing moments of humor and joy.

So, why not kick back and revel in the fun? Think you’ve come across a uniquely creative planking photo that could outshine the ones showcased? Feel free to share! After all, fun is better when shared, especially with our readers!