Pictaculous – Get Your Color Palette Via Email

We are fans of color tools and color pickers because they make our lives as designers a whole lost easier. Tools like 0to255 helps us find HEX codes for color shades, while Adobe Kuler lets us generate color schemes from an iOS device. Today, we are going to show you a color palette generator tool called Pictaculous.

The special feature Pictaculous has to offer is that you can email an image to Pictaculous and it will "reply" you with the image color palette you want. So if you are travelling somewhere and you see a billboard with stunning colors, and you wonder what color palettes they are using (because designers are professional like that), then this is the iPhone app to get.

Send An Email

So you have snapped the billboard you want to source colors from. Email the image (in JPG, PNG or GIF only) to colors@mailchimp.com.

You will receive an email reply and find all the color palettes that were used in the image. Also in the email are suggested color themes from Adobe Kuler and ColourLovers.

There’s even an attachment of an Adobe Swatch File that’s ready to be used.

Upload An Image

If you don’t want to use your email, you can also upload the image at the Pictaculous homepage and hit the GET MY PALETTE button. Note that to use this feature, the image size cannot exceed 500KB. And just like the emailing feature, it only supports the JPG, PNG and GIF filetypes.

The color palette list will appear on your screen.

Note however that while this method also gives you the Adobe Swatch File, you still will need to give them your email address for them to send you the color palette.

And that’s it. As you can probably guess, this Pictaculous tool is from MailChimp. It’s a really helpful tool for designers who which are always seeking inspiration even when they are on the go. Try it out and feel free to share your thoughts below.