20 Photos That Will Make You Fall In Love Again

There is a reason why wedding photography is so popular. When done right, it captures the love shared between two souls, the perfect romance in the air, the way a groom stares at his bride in her wedding dress, and the smitten look she has when putting on her wedding ring.

We use photographs to capture various moments and instances in time, locking in the sometimes heartwarming, other times heartbreaking emotions within that snapshot. When words are not enough, you can let a good photo do all the talking.

In celebration of this, I’ve collected 20 photographs that convey the tender feelings of love shared between lovebirds, young and old. May these photos inspire you to fall in love all over again this Valentine’s day and to cherish those in your life, for better or for worse.

When you have eyes for no one else.

(Image Source: Just Wedding)

Savor the little moments together.

(Image Source: Upworthy)

The love between Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward is the stuff of love stories.

(Image Source: The Red List)

Can you tell that they were newly engaged?

(Image Source: Truly Charlee)

Chemistry between Natalie Wood and her co-star Steve McQueen.

(Image Source: Smushnoses)

Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall look as affectionate as ever on their wedding day.

(Image Source: The National Vintage Wedding Fair)

Haman and Wan demonstrate what it’s like when you’re wrapped up in your own little world.

(Image Source: Amy Oliver Weddings)

A couple shares a tender moment that you can feel from this capture.

(Image Source: My Modern Met)

Singer Lorde and James Lowe chills in comfort and in love.

(Image Source: E Online)

Giavanna and David’s happiness is evident through their smiles.

(Image Source: Jena Cumbo)

Before William and Kate, there was Elizabeth and Phillip.

(Image Source: Huffington Post Canada)

Even against the norms of society, love can blossom – Pearl Bailley and Louise Bellson, both famous names in the Jazz scene.

(Image Source: Explore PA History)

Love is in the air. And in the mountains.

(Image Source: Huffington Post)

Johnny and Blue, the first American Korean War Bride share a loving moment, proving that love is truly a universal language.

(Image Source: Time)

This presidential power couple know that a little time alone every now and then keeps the love going strong.

(Image Source: News One)

From HONY, this new relationship was captioned: “I was like: ‘So are we a thing?’. And he was like: ‘I don’t know. Are we?’ "

(Image Source: Humans Of New York)

There is a reason why veils are an important part of a wedding.

(Image Source: Two Mann)

Gen-Y may be hooking up through technology but the way Selena and Conor look here, that’s pretty much love IRL.

(Image Source: Jena Cumbo)

Someone who can make you laugh is definitely someone you want along for the ride.

(Image Source: Huffington Post)

In the end, this is the kind of love everyone is looking for.

(Image Source: Lauren Fleishman)

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