7 Chrome Extensions to Supercharge Omnibox Searches

Think of Chrome’s Omnibox as more than just an “address bar”. It’s a powerful tool where you can enter website URLs or search for keywords on Google. But that’s just the beginning. The Omnibox offers much more, both with and without the help of extensions.

Even without any add-ons, the Omnibox lets you bookmark pages, do simple math and unit conversions, add various search engines for enhanced results, and get notifications for things like security and pop-ups.

In this article, we’ll explore how to take the Omnibox to the next level, making everyday tasks and searches faster and more efficient with the use of extensions. Let’s dive into some Chrome extensions that can supercharge your Omnibox for more customized and effective searches.


OmniDrive Extension Interface

For frequent users of Google Drive, OmniDrive is a must-have. It allows you to search your Google Drive files directly from any web page using the Omnibox.

Just type “drive” in the Omnibox, hit tab, enter your search terms, and select the desired file from the suggestions under the Omnibox. Before you start, you’ll need to grant OmniDrive access to your Google account.


Quickmarks Extension Screenshot

Quickmarks simplifies the process of searching and opening your Chrome bookmarks. Simply type “b”, press tab, and enter a keyword. This will display all bookmarks related to that keyword. Press Enter to open the top bookmark, or use the arrow keys (or mouse) to select from other options below the Omnibox.


HCOS Extension Preview

HCOS is a cutting-edge browser extension that focuses on enhancing your online privacy and customizing your search experience. It cleverly hides your past search suggestions from the address bar every time you open a new tab. By automatically clearing your Google search history, it ensures your browsing remains private and clutter-free.

Beyond privacy, HCOS lets you tailor your browsing experience. It allows adding a custom URL prefix in its settings, giving you quick access to your favorite sites or search engines right from the Omnibox.

Epic UserWeb

Epic UserWeb Extension Image

Epic UserWeb is tailor-made for those who often search within Epic’s systems. It streamlines your searches directly from the Omnibox.

Type “uw” followed by your search term to swiftly navigate Epic UserWeb. For specific tasks, commands like ‘uw sherlock’ directly pull up Sherlock logs, skipping over extra steps. This extension is a real time-saver for regular users of Epic systems like Galaxy or Sherlock.

Omnibox App Launcher

Omnibox App Launcher Display

The Omnibox App Launcher turns your Omnibox into a fast-launch feature for your Chrome Web Apps. Just type ‘app’ and then a keyword to quickly start any Chrome Web App. For example, ‘app rest’ will list apps related to ‘rest’.

It’s a keyboard-focused feature, eliminating the need for mouse navigation. With shortcuts like Control + L (or Command+ L on Mac), you can jump straight to the address bar, enhancing your browsing efficiency.

Lingvo Live Omnibox

Lingvo Live Omnibox Extension

Lingvo Live Omnibox brings lingvolive.com’s search capabilities right into your Chrome Omnibox, along with dynamic suggestions.

Simply type “l” for lingvo in the address bar, followed by a space. As you type your search, real-time suggestions appear, making your search interactive and swift. Pressing Enter opens the desired dictionary article in a new tab, perfect for quick language and dictionary references.

Omnibox Launcher

Omnibox Launcher Interface

Omnibox Launcher is an efficient tool for searching and launching Chrome apps and built-in Chrome pages. In its updated Version 2.0, it has refined its functionality to focus on apps and pages rather than search extensions. Type “run” into the Omnibox, then press Tab or Space to activate it.

This triggers a search across all available apps and Chrome pages, allowing for quick selection and launching. It uses the Fuse.js fuzzy search JavaScript library for a smooth and user-friendly search experience.