Mycestro – The Wearable 3D Mouse of the Future

Yes it is time for tablets to take over the PC industry but that doesn’t mean keyboards and mice are on their way out. While we trade clicks for swipes, there is still a large portion of us who prefer the clickety-clack sounds of the keypad and the mouse – cordless or not.

While Microsoft has kept the keyboard part of their Surface tablet, it showed no love for the mouse. But that’s alright, this wearable 3D Mouse, Mycestro, is a (way) better alternative.

First of all, it’s a wearable UI – you strap this lightweight device on your forefinger and use it to move your on-screen cursor around. The strap is designed to not interfere with your ability to type.

The device tracks the movement of your finger in three-dimensional space. You activate the cursor to move with your thumb, by touching any part of the device.

Clicks are registered on three buttons by the side: left, middle and right. Scrolling and zooming is also done by the thumb.

Like any mobile device, this 3D mouse is chargeable via USB, and each full charge lasts a good 8 hours. The technology is enabled wirelessly by bluetooth and has a range of up to 30 feet.

You no longer need to be bound to a desk during a presentation or to have to work with a laser pointer that does not interact with your slides.

Mycestro works with most latest-generation Apple products and on any PC with an additional dongle. Plans to incorporate it with Android devices are underway before a full-blown release, scheduled in Oct/Nov 2013. So far, it has more than 1,500 backers with pledges of up to $131,000.