Unusual Computer Mice You Probably Haven’t Seen Before

In this blog post, we’ll be showcasing 30+ unusual looking computer mice that you probably haven’t seen before. From mice shaped like a car to ones that light up with neon colors, these unique computer accessories are sure to add some personality to your workstation. So, sit back, relax, and prepare to be amazed by the creative designs we’ve gathered for you. Keep reading to find your next conversation starter.

20 Weird And Unusual USB Products

20 Weird And Unusual USB Products

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1. Gold Brain Computer Mouse

This blinged, brainy mouse is perfect for the geeky folks who don’t mind playing with some jazzy stuff too. Maybe the brain mouse will activate ideas in your brain.

Gold Brain Computer Mouse
2. Aircraft Computer Mouse with LED Lights

The Aircraft Mouse is available for all folks who love futuristic thought or for Star Wars fans. The mouse is available in black or white and features two buttons, a scroll wheel, and LED lights in red and blue.

Aircraft Computer Mouse with LED Lights
3. Optical Ferrari Car Mouse

The Car 3D Optical Mouse, designed to resemble a real Ferrari sports car, will appeal to all racing fans. Its LED lights function as running lights, adding a touch of flair.

Optical Ferrari Car Mouse
4. Cyborg R.A.T. Gaming Mice

Perhaps the mouse may not seem comfortable due to its futuristic shape and appearance, but it will fit in any gamer’s room.

Cyborg R.A.T. Gaming Mice
5. Optical Mouse Skype Hands-free PC Speakerphone

With a professional compatible earphone to protect your privacy, the Skype Mouse that has all the cool features is perfect for personal use and gifts.

Optical Mouse Skype Hands-free PC Speakerphone
6. Eclipse touchmouse

Featuring an elegant and sophisticated brushed-aluminum finish, the Eclipse Touchmouse sports an advanced feature set and streamlined ergonomics. Designed for home, office, or on the go, the Touchmouse delivers both style and quality.

Eclipse touchmouse
7. Portable Finger Hand Held Trackball Mouse

Looking for something a bit different in a mouse? This new mouse from Brando might be up your alley. The two dimensions and buttons are simply controlled by fingers.

Portable Finger Hand Held Trackball Mouse
8. Golf 3D USB Optical Computer Mouse

If your favorite game is golf, this mouse is for you. However, only use it at home and do not confuse the PC mouse with a real ball. Do not take it to the game.

Golf 3D USB Optical Computer Mouse
9. Wowpen Joy Vertical computer Mouse

Ergonomically designed for both right and left-hand use with Bluetooth-enabled computers, this compact and ambidextrous Bluetooth desktop mouse is specifically designed to work with Bluetooth-enabled computer systems, thus eliminating the need for a separate receiver dongle.

Wowpen Joy Vertical computer Mouse
10. Creative golf mouse

Here is another golf mouse, but this time, this PC mouse comes with a complete playground, including holes, that will decorate your office.

Creative golf mouse
11. Handshoe Mouse

Also called The Horse, HandshoeMouse uses the 800 DPI optical standard and effectively solves the problem of muscle fatigue encountered among business and creative professionals. Hippus compared the electromyogram of a traditional computer mouse with the HandshoeMouse measurements.

Handshoe Mouse
12. The Razer Naga Mous

The Razer Naga Mouse is GamesCom’s first MMO mouse and features cool capabilities if slaying online monsters is your thing. The mouse has been optimized with an extra 12 buttons which are customizable to keyboard settings on the computer.

The Razer Naga Mous
13. Creative Fatal1ty 1010 Mouse

The Fatal1ty 1010 Mouse was designed with every last detail scrutinized by the world’s top FPS gamer, Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel. The Creative Fatal1ty 2020 mouse has a 6.4-megapixel sensor in its base to pick up the smallest twitch.

Creative Fatal1ty 1010 Mouse
14. Orbita Mouse

The Ergonomic Orbita Mouse is a USB wireless rotating round mouse designed to enhance navigation in a wide range of Mac and PC applications.

Orbita Mouse
15. USB Penguin Mouse

The Penguin Mouse is one of the animal-themed mice for computers. If you like these cute animals, you can buy this adorable mouse for your kids.

USB Penguin Mouse
16. Another Keypad Mouse

Sanwa NT-MA2 is the name of this computer mouse/keypad combo. It’s available in white or black. The price has been set to 40 Euros.

Another Keypad Mouse
17. Diamante USB Mouse

This computer mouse features two buttons and a scroll wheel, and it is studded with dazzling white, faux diamonds. It is the perfect gift for girls.

Diamante USB Mouse
18. Mus2 computer mouse

The Mus2 cordless optical two-button mouse not only controls the cursor on the screen but also looks like one. Despite its unusual shape, Mus2 fits well into the hand and doesn’t cause any discomfort.

Mus2 computer mouse
19. MLB Baseball Cap Mouse

Baseball fans will love using this MLB ball cap computer mouse. With over 15 Major League Baseball logo designs to choose from, this optical 2-button mouse is a fun and unique way to display your team loyalty while you work.

MLB Baseball Cap Mouse
20. Body Mouse

The Body Mouse was designed by the famous designer Chris Lomak. It does not look like a professional mouse, but it is funny enough for a gift.

Body Mouse
21. Saitek Obsidian

The Ultimate Rechargeable Wireless Mouse has an optical sensor for high-speed, ultra-accurate tracking and a groundbreaking design with outstanding ergonomics and highly tactile materials.

Saitek Obsidian
22. Wireless Ergonomic Computer Mouse

The optical mouse has a laser pointer and an ergonomic design that doesn’t even slightly resemble a normal mouse. It works from up to 15 feet away from your computer.

Wireless Ergonomic Computer Mouse
23. Steelseries World of Warcraft MMO Gaming Mouse

Designed by Blizzard and SteelSeries specifically for World of Warcraft, the World of Warcraft MMO Gaming Mouse provides remarkable benefits to all World of Warcraft gamers, regardless of level or play style.

Steelseries World of Warcraft MMO Gaming Mouse
24. Crystal computer mouse

The Lady Beetle Crystal Mouse has a very gorgeous style that is the best choice for fashionable ladies and men.

Crystal computer mouse
25. Tortoise-shaped optical usb mouse

Tortoise-Shaped Optical Mouse Could Be the First PC Mouse for Your Kids. The design is simple, but it is very similar to a real turtle, which children will enjoy.

Tortoise-shaped optical usb mouse
26. Dolphin computer mouse

Similar to a turtle mouse, it is very cute and an ideal gift for kids, or you can use it in your office for some fun.

Dolphin computer mouse
27. A Steampunk Mouse

A steampunk mouse is crafted out of wood, brass, and bone. Daniel Pon, who created this awesome mouse, has carved the Paradox Mouse with LEDs and added extra peripherals like a mouse skull, spine, and shoulder blades.

A Steampunk Mouse
28. Jelly Click Mouse

Very unusual PC mouse designed by Bongkun Shin, Heungkyo Seo, Jiwoong Hwang, and Wooteik Lim. They created the concept Jelly Click mouse. All the electronic circuits were on a small flexible board, and the body itself is made of soft plastic.

Jelly Click Mouse
29. Wireless Building Block Mouse

The wireless Building Block Mouse is inspired by the same building blocks we couldn’t get enough of as kids. Complete with a right and left-click button and a scroll wheel, this mouse will make those boring tasks at work seem fun.

Wireless Building Block Mouse
30. The Computer-Mouse Star

The Computer-Mouse Star would not be awkward to use or even the slightest bit uncomfortable. For those who are committed to their love for stars, this mouse would be a cute accessory for your computer.

The Computer-Mouse Star
31. Mario Brothers Mice

Dot Design 2 Super Mario Brothers Computer Mice from Banpresto features popular bitmap characters from the popular game series. The mice come in two designs, one featuring Mario, and the other featuring a familiar Star shape.

Mario Brothers Mice
32. eVouse Mouse Concept

This awesome and futuristic mouse features a unique V-shaped design with a metallic look and a futuristic green light that illuminates with every movement. It has action buttons just like an ordinary mouse and includes a scroll wheel.

eVouse Mouse Concept
33. Grenade Mouse

The mouse is actually made out of an old grenade casing, so it gives a slightly more authentic feel. This shocking mouse must be the ultimate gamer’s mouse, especially for those playing war of attrition online games.

Grenade Mouse
34. Bling’d Out Mouse for Girls

This blinged-out mouse, designed for the ladies, is “embellished” with silver and crystal accents and will go a long way toward patching up any rocky relationship.

Bling'd Out Mouse for Girls
35. Gold Bullion Wireless Mouse

The Gold Bullion Wireless Mouse just may be the perfect gift, especially if you are worried about government deficits. Gold Bullion has standard left and right-click mouse buttons, a scroll wheel, and it will work with your PC or Mac.

Gold Bullion Wireless Mouse
36. Ghost Mouse

This Scream-inspired Ghost Face Mouse features 3 mouse buttons, a scroll wheel, and a resolution of 800 DPI. It will provide you with high-precision control. If you want it, you can get it for only about $35.

Ghost Mouse
37. Smitrix Swiftpoint Triped Mouse

The Smitrix Swiftpoint Triped Mouse was specially designed for tablet PCs and multi-touch tabletop surfaces, and it eliminates the need for a pen. Why is it called the Triped Mouse? Because it functions as a mouse, a touchpad, and a digitizer pen.

Smitrix Swiftpoint Triped Mouse
38. Perific Wireless Dual Mouse

Perific Mouse is a revolutionary new type of ergonomic computer mouse. It is a wireless pointing device that can be used in a variety of ways, both on and off the desk, in the air.

Perific Wireless Dual Mouse
39. Makeup Mouse

Here is the latest mouse, designed for the well-groomed secretary. The cunningly hidden features include a mirror and makeup brush. Mark II now also stores Chanel No. 5 perfume and a lipstick.

Makeup Mouse

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