21 Wrike Keyboard Shortcuts

Wrike is a cloud-based project management platform that caters to teams seeking organization, collaboration, and efficiency. As users navigate its dynamic interface, many might overlook the myriad shortcuts intended to enhance their productivity.

Wrike keyboard shortcuts

In this post, we aim to introduce you to all the shortcut keys available for Wrike. These shortcuts can greatly increase your efficiency when using the platform and are accessible across all Wrike plans, including the free plan.

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Action Windows Mac
Create a new task Alt + Shift + N Command + Shift + N
Place cursor in the search box Alt + Shift + S Command + Shift + S
Open the current task in a new tab (List view only) Alt + Shift + O Command + Shift + O
Toggle fullscreen mode for the current task Alt + Shift + F Command + Shift + F
Select the task above the current one (List view) or K
Select the task below the current one (List view) or J
Collapse subtask list (List view)
Expand subtask list (List view)
Move cursor to the comment section (List view) Alt + Shift + C Command + Shift + C
Show keyboard shortcuts Alt + Shift + ? Command + Shift + ?
Post a comment (click comment section and type first) Enter or Control + Enter Enter or Command + Enter
Insert line break in comment or description Shift + Enter
Bold text (comment or description) Control + B Command + B
Italic text (comment or description) Control + I Command + I
Strikethrough text (comment or description) Shift + Control + X Shift + Command + X
Format text as code (comments) Shift + Control + C Shift + Command + C
Format text as a code block (comments) Shift +Alt + Control + C Shift + Option + Command + C
Open a new incognito browser window Control + Shift + N Command + Shift + N
Open a new private browser window (Firefox) Control + Shift + P Command + Shift + P
Create a task from anywhere in the workspace Shift +Alt + N
Assign the task to yourself Shift +Alt + .

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