20+ Smartsheet Keyboard Shortcuts

Smartsheet melds the best features of Excel, Google Sheets, and project management tools. Think of it as Excel or Google Sheets on steroids. Central to its efficiency is an array of powerful shortcuts designed to streamline your workflow.

Smartsheets keyboard shortcuts

In this post, we’ll delve into the essential Smartsheet shortcuts that can help you unlock the full potential of this transformative tool.

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Commonly Used Shortcuts

Action Windows Mac
Enter fullscreen mode Control + F1 Command + Shift + F
Exit fullscreen mode Control + F1 Command + Shift + F
Cut Control + X Command + X
Copy [1 – More info] Control + C Command + C
Paste [2 – More info] Control + V Command + V
Save all Control + S Command + S
Enter Edit Mode for selected cell F2 Fn + F2
Undo previous action Control + Z Command + Z
Redo previous action Control + Y Command + Y
Fill down [3 – More info] Control + D Command + D
Open hyperlink dialog Control + K Command + K
Open Edit Widget dialog [4 – More info] Enter
Indent row Control + ] Command + ]
Outdent row Control + [ Command + [
Insert carriage return or line break [5 – More info] Control + Enter Command + Enter
Apply Italic Control + I Command + I
Apply Underline Control + U Command + U
Apply Bold Control + B Command + B
Insert bullet point Alt + 8 Option + 8
  1. You can copy information either within the same sheet or between different sheets. This includes rows, cells, formulas, links, and structures. However, if you copy a row, its attachments and comments won’t be included.
  2. If you copy a cell with multiple lines from Excel or another tool, double-click on the Smartsheet cell where you want to paste it. This stops the lines from overflowing into the cells underneath.
  3. To fill cells with a value or formula, select them, ensuring the source is at the top, or simply drag from the cell’s bottom-right corner.
  4. This only functions when the dashboard is in edit mode.
  5. To view line breaks in the sheet, click the ‘Wrap Text’ button on the Smartsheet toolbar at the top. This adjusts the cell to show all its content.


Rows and Columns

Action Windows Mac
Insert row above selected row [1 – More info] Insert Command + I
Select entire column of active or selected cells Control + Space Command + Space
Highlight all rows/cells above selected row/cell Control + Shift + Command + Shift +
Highlight all rows/cells below selected row/cell Control + Shift + Command + Shift +
Select entire row of active or selected cells Shift + Space
Toggle checkbox, star, or flag in selected cell Space
Open Edit Row dialog Control + E Command + E
  1. To add several rows together, hold Shift, choose the row headers you want, and then click Insert.

Date Formats

The following shortcuts are applicable in cells of the Date column type.

Action Windows and Mac
Insert today’s date t
Enter a date n days after today [1 – Example] + followed by number
Enter a date n days before today [2 – Example] followed by number
Enter date corresponding to a day of the current week [3 – Example] sun, mon, tue, wed, thu, fri, sat
Enter yesterday’s date yes
Enter tomorrow’s date tom
Enter date 7 days before the current date last week
Enter date 7 days after the current date next week
Enter date based on provided string [4 – Example] mmm dd
  1. If today is 12/11/23 and you press +3, it will change to 12/14/23.
  2. If today is 12/11/23 and you press -3, it will change to 12/8/23.
  3. If today is 12/11/23 and you type sun, you’ll get 12/10/23.
  4. Typing Dec 17 in 2023 gives you 12/17/23.

Card View

Action Windows and Mac
Select a card Arrow keys
Expand or collapse a card Space
Open the “Edit Row” dialog Enter
Add a card (type a title and press “Enter” again to confirm) Shift + Enter


Action Windows and Mac
Navigate from one dashboard widget to another Tab
Focus on a specific widget Enter
Access the “Shortcut” widget Enter > Tab > Space
Access the “Metric” widget Enter > Tab > Space
Access the “Rich Text” widget Enter > Tab > Space
Access the settings of the “Image” widget Enter > Space


Action Windows Mac
Shift focus to the next accessible region Control + F6 Command + F6
Shift focus to the previous accessible region Control + Shift + F6 Command + Shift + F6

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