Bugs and User Tracking Tools for Developers

Tracking bugs is critical when comes to building an app. But even after your app launches, problems can pop up. It’s really helpful if your users can tell you right away if something’s not working, or if they’re confused about how to use your app.

Thankfully, there are lots of top-notch tools out there these days that help you spot and fix any app issues super fast. We’re here to share a bunch of these awesome tools that help you gather and sort out bugs in no time.

You can catch these bugs by getting the scoop directly from your users or your team, or by watching how folks use your app. Doing this squashes bugs, makes your app nicer to use, and keeps your customers happy.

1. Bugherd

Bugherd Screenshot

Imagine if your clients could report a bug without having to fill out long forms or make complicated screenshots. That’s where Bugherd comes in. It lets you add feedback right on your site, so you can see and sort out bugs in a snap.

With Bugherd, when clients point out issues by marking them on your site, it turns their notes into a detailed report that helps you fix things fast.

All your users need is a guest pass to spot, click, and explain any bugs they run into, and voilà, a report is ready for you to tackle.

Plus, Bugherd plays nice with lots of other apps you might be using, like Jira, Basecamp, and Zapier. But it’s not just for feedback; it’s also great for team collaboration and managing tasks.

2. Doorbell

Doorbell Interface

Doorbell makes it super easy to collect feedback right inside your app on the web, iOS, or Android – and it’s free. It sorts all the feedback you get by using sentiment analysis to tell if comments are thumbs-up or thumbs-down. Plus, you can make your own labels to organize messages and look through them all with a quick text search.

It works smoothly with tools like Pivotal Tracker, Asana, Jira, and lots of other project management and bug tracking apps. Just zap your customer’s comments straight into whichever system you’re using to stay on top of things.

And getting Doorbell running in your app is a breeze with JavaScript, iOS, and Android SDKs.

3. Usersnap

Usersnap Tool Interface

Usersnap is a dream come true for anyone working on web projects who needs a visual bug tracking system. It’s your one-stop-shop for organizing feedback and bug reports.

This tool empowers your users to report bugs right where they find them, with easy-to-use point-and-click annotation tools, all without having to leave your website for a separate bug reporting app.

No matter if you’re a fan of Agile, Scrum, or Waterfall methodologies, Usersnap fits into your workflow. It integrates with popular tools like Zendesk, Slack, Asana, and others.

It also helps streamline communication between your designers, developers, quality assurance team, and customers.

4. Jira

Jira Project Management Interface

Jira is well-known among Agile teams for its ability to help plan and craft outstanding products, keeping a close eye on tasks and the entire development journey.

This comprehensive tool boasts features such as adaptable planning, precise estimations, prioritization focused on value, transparent execution, measurable outcomes, and room for growth. It’s designed to manage tasks, delegate work, monitor team progress, and much more.

With Jira, you can boost your team’s efficiency by analyzing the live visual data from reports. Plus, you can customize Jira with various add-ons.

It also syncs seamlessly with tools you may already use, like Confluence and Bitbucket. After a 7-day free trial, pricing starts at $10 per month for small teams and goes up to $75 for larger teams.

5. Rollbar

Screenshot of Rollbar Interface

Rollbar is designed to help you swiftly discover bugs in your web application and enables you to address them proactively. This tool highlights errors by gathering extensive context data such as detailed stack traces, request parameters, URLs, environments, user impact, and more.

It sorts errors according to their underlying causes, allowing you to pinpoint the exact issues in your app.

Setting up error alerts is straightforward with options for email or integration with third-party services like Slack or HipChat. Rollbar supports many popular programming languages and frameworks.

It offers libraries for Ruby, Python, PHP, Node.js, JavaScript, Android, iOS, and even Flash. For a custom setup, you can make use of the Rollbar RESTful API.

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6. CheckMarket

Overview of CheckMarket Platform

Formerly known as Promoter, CheckMarket enables you to gather customer feedback and analyze it effectively through Net Promoter Campaigns.

Its user-friendly web-based interface allows for easy creation and management of feedback campaigns, deep analysis of customer feedback, and customer contact management.

CheckMarket’s Net Promoter System provides clear, actionable insights, highlighting precise areas for action to achieve immediate and measurable growth. It offers a unified platform for engaging customers and bolstering their loyalty without the need for multiple systems.

7. Lighthouse

Screenshot of Lighthouse Issue Tracking Interface

Lighthouse is an intuitive issue tracking application that aids in monitoring project progression and enhancing team collaboration while maintaining focus on key tasks.

It simplifies the process of creating and tagging issues, while also automatically categorizing them for ease of management. Lighthouse integrates seamlessly with Tender’s customer support services, allowing for the creation of new tickets directly.

Moreover, tickets can be created and managed directly via email, providing a straightforward overview of all project statuses and updates through feeds.

With features like setting milestones for planning and scheduling releases, and the ability to attach documents or images to tickets, Lighthouse ensures that relevant information is easily accessible to the entire team.