Create & Store Short Notes on Google Chrome with Jot

If you’re someone who bookmarks all your frequently visited websites, Chrome’s New Tabs page would appear to be not that useful at first glance. However, if you find the New Tabs page redundant, why not take notes with it instead. That is the logic behind one of the useful Chrome extensions, called Jot.

Once the extension is installed on your Chrome browser,

  • Opening a new tab will bring you to the Jot screen.
  • In this screen, you can type out short notes to act as reminders for yourself or for other purposes.
  • The notes are then stored by the browser and will appear whenever a new tab is opened.
  • All of this is accompanied by a scenic photo that changes whenever a new tab is opened.
click clear

In case you have accomplished everything that you’ve written down on Jot, a simple click of the "Clear" button would wipe away all of the pre-existing notes, allowing you to start anew.

If you wish to access your Chrome apps, you can just click on the "Apps" button located on the upper left- hand side of the Jot window.