How to Reveal iPad’s Hidden Keyboard Buttons [Quicktip]

The split keyboard on the iPad is a cool tool to make our typing smooth and effortless, and it’s in line with the mobile experience. One of the hassle of using a split keyboard on an iPad is the need to reach a button on the other half of the keyboard — the wrong half!

Making the distance between the split keyboard closer could solve the problem of reaching all the right buttons. There is however, a better way to make your typing more comfortable — we present to you, the ‘hidden buttons’. This hidden button feature reveals six letters with three settled on either side of your split keyboard as shown above.

Activate Split Keyboard

There’re two easy ways to split your iPad’s keyboard. First, you can use the traditional way of touching the setting icon at the bottom right corner of your keyboard and select ‘Split’.

iPad Split button

The second way, just use your two fingers to drag the keyboard apart, and you shall get it split by two.

ipad split keyboard

The Phantom buttons

When the keyboard split by two, the phantom buttons are ready to be used. Although not visible, you can use them like the other keyboard buttons.

hidden ipad button

But just before you get to use these hidden keys, you need to tap on any key on the keyboard panel. For example if you need to hit the hidden Y, H and B on the left side, you must first hit any key on the left keyboard panel. The same goes to hidden T, G and V.


No matter how you use the keyboard, either by using the normal or split keyboard, these hidden buttons will surely make typing on the iPad much easier and comfortable.