iOS 10 GUI Kit for Sketch, Photoshop & Adobe XD

UI designers rely on UI kits and design freebies because they save time and make the job easier. Therefore, new GUI kits are constantly released for the newest versions of the Android and iOS systems for web designs and mobile apps.

The team at Great Simple has put together this awesome iOS 10 kit made for every design program you could imagine.

You can download the bundle for free with identical GUI kits for Adobe XD, Photoshop, Sketch, and InVision Craft. This is a massive UI kit custom built for the new iOS 10 interface.

ios10 gui kit

Inside you’ll find all the core components along with 62 pre-built iOS app screen mockups. The screen templates were crafted from the Apple Human Interface Guidelines, a set of best practices made for iOS app designers.

Every design element is a vector which makes everything easy to edit, resize, and restyle. You can work from the core components and build your own interface from scratch or customize one of the pre-built interface templates.

Apple recently changed all their devices to their own proprietary San Francisco font which you can download here. It’s a free download and is the primary font used in this GUI kit.

ios 10 freebie kit

Whether you’re designing an app for practice or for a client, this GUI kit will come in handy. It’s the perfect resource for any design team, and it works in all major design programs.

Visit the UI kit’s webpage and download a copy for whatever program(s) you use. And keep a copy saved locally, too so you can reference it again for each new iOS 10 projects.