Icon Design: A Showcase of Sketched Vs. Ready

More often than not we are critical of about the end product or end result of a design process. Behind the scenes a lot of processes go to work, one of which is sketching.

Sketching means a lot for designers, even if their final design is for the Web. Most of them prefer to spend much time with the pencil before translating it to reality with Photoshop or other software. Even icon start with a simple drawing or a tiny sketch. Every great icon starts with a single line.

I’d like to show you the beauty of icons through the creation process. I have put together a list of double images: you will see the icon’s sketch and ready product side by side.

This may help give you an inside look into how a simple idea can come to life on paper and on screen. Enjoy!

1. Sketch by Andrey Maxim

2. Icons by Mike | Creative Mints

3. ReadKit Mac App Icon by Ramotion

4. Sipp icon by Eddie Lobanovskiy

5. Overgram iPhone App Icon ‘” Stage 3 by Ramotion

6. GoodNotes icon by Eddie Lobanovskiy

7. Tin can by Loggia

8. High quality icons by Cuberto

9. Waffle illustration by Artua Design Agency

10. Compasses MacOS icon by Cuberto

11. 21 icon by Dmitry Prudnikov

12. WholeApp icon by Dmitry Prudnikov

13. Winery Shop Icons by Chaminda Wijerathne

14. Apps Icon iOS by Faisal Amir

15. Sketch Pad 3 IOS Icon by Adhi Purwo Manunggal

16. Bluenote app icon by Artua Design Agency

17. Lens MacOS icon by Cuberto

18. The Nearby App Icon by Cloud Castle

19. Binoculars by Mike | Creative Mints

20. Camera App Icon for Travelers by Ramotion