iOS has a hidden one-handed keyboard in Xcode

With smartphone screen sizes increasing, developers have to make sure they can find ways to prepare the UI for one-hand usage. Today, it is discovered that Apple has already been working on a one-handed keyboard that can be (eventually) activated via edge-swipe. The feature has yet to be completed though.

Developer Steve Troughton-Smith who discovered the existence of this keyboard inside Apple’s iOS simulator, says that this the code for this feature has existed in the iOS Xcode since iOS 8. However, Apple yet to announce the implementation of the feature.

ios keyboard

The one-handed keyboard can be activated with swipes from the edge of the keyboard. This would cause iOS to pull all the keys to one side or the other. You can see this in the gif below.

If you want to check this out yourself, Troughton-Smith has since published the code chunk, so you can give it a spin but noted that you’ll likely need a jailbroken iPhone to use it.