How To Transfer iOS Safari Bookmarks To Google Chrome

If you are someone who surf a lot with Safari on your iOS device, you probably have a lot of bookmarks stored up. If however you find that you need to transfer your bookmarks to a device that Safari is not available on, fret not. We’re going to show you how to transfer those bookmarks over to another web browser, Google Chrome. Not on Chrome yet? Here’s why you should be.

As the Safari browser on your iOS does not allow you to extract bookmarks, you’ll need iCloud and Internet Explorer to do this. Once you can get your bookmarks into your Chrome browser, you can run it on any mobile or desktop device (Apple or non-) and never need to do another transfer again.

Export iOS Safari Bookmarks To Your PC

Firstly, you have to ensure that your iCloud is synced. You can do this with your iOS device connected to iTunes by selecting iCloud and then backing up your device.


Alternatively, you can go to your iOS Settings app and tap on iCloud; ensure that the Safari option is turned on.

iCloud Settings

Then scroll to the bottom and tap on Storage & Backup, on the next screen tap on Back Up Now.

iCloud Settings

Now, download and install iCloud on your desktop PC.

We’re showing you how it’ll look like on a Windows 8 system once you install, launch and login to iCloud. You can see that the Safari bookmarks on your iOS devices will sync with Internet Explorer on your desktop.


When you click on Apply, another window will open, click on Merge.


Once you’ve done that, Internet Explorer will automatically have all your bookmarks. You can see all of it by clicking the Star icon on IE.


Importing To Google Chrome

Now it’s time to import bookmarks from IE to Google Chrome. Launch Chrome and click on the Settings icon (far right, next to the star). Under ‘Bookmarks’, select Import bookmarks and settings.

Chrome Import

Select ‘Microsoft Internet Explorer’ and only Favorites/Bookmarks on the pop up. Click on ‘Import’.

Chrome Import

All the bookmarks from Internet Explorer (which came from your iOS device) will now be imported to Google Chrome. If you login on Chrome with a Google account, logging in with that same account on the Google Chrome mobile app will automatically sync your bookmarks for you.

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