How to Transfer iOS and macOS Safari Bookmarks to Chrome

Have you migrated from iOS to Android? Maybe macOS to Windows 10? In either case, you may not find your bookmarks from Safari on iOS or macOS. Why so? Apple does not offer its proprietary browser on Android or Windows.

What’s the solution then? A trick allows you to get your bookmarks from iOS or macOS on Android or Windows. The idea is to sync your bookmarks on iOS or macOS to iCloud, and from there, sync them to Android or Windows. So, are you ready to get back your bookmarks? Let’s get into the details then.

Note: Since iCloud is unavailable for Android, the only viable option is to use iCloud on Windows to sync your bookmarks to Google Chrome. Thereafter, you can sync them from Windows to Android using Chrome’s sync feature.

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1. Install iCloud on Windows

First of all, you must download iCloud for Windows. Then, run the downloaded installer to install iCloud on Windows. It’s super straightforward, right?

Install Apple's iCloud on Windows 10

However, I did get an error while I was installing Apple’s iCloud. I got an error message saying “Media Feature Pack is missing“. If you get a similar error, you must search for “Control Panel” and open it. Then, click “Programs and Features” and click “Turn Windows features on or off” in the sidebar.

Configure Windows Features in Windows 10

Under Windows Features, check “Media Features” and click OK. Maybe it will ask to download files or restart the system, just confirm those actions. Then finally, try installing iCloud and it shall install as smoothly as possible.

2. Log in to the iCloud app

After you’re done installing iCloud, search for it in the Start menu and launch it. You will see its welcome screen, which asks you to log in to your iCloud account. In the app, enter your account credentials and click the “Sign In” button.

Log in to iCloud on Windows with your Apple ID

Once you have signed in to the app, you must configure the content and features you wish to keep up to date on Windows 10. Since we need the bookmarks, you must check Bookmarks and click its Options, then select Chrome in its options. You can also check Firefox if you need to transfer bookmarks to it too.

Sync iCloud bookmarks with Google Chrome

And finally, click the Apply button at the bottom of the app. After iCloud finishes syncing the selected content and features, you’ll see your bookmarks from Safari Browser in Google Chrome (and Mozilla Firefox if you selected it as well).

Now, you can open Google Chrome, click the three-dotted button. Then, under Bookmarks, click “Bookmark manager” to see the bookmarks. If you don’t see your bookmarks, do check them under “Other bookmarks” on the left. If you still don’t see them, maybe the sync has not yet completed — wait and try again.

Check your bookmarks in Google Chrome