There’s a New Way to Share WiFi Password in iOS 11 & You’ll Like It

With the iOS 11 beta version now available, people are discovering some of the new features in Apple’s latest operating system that the company did not mention during the WWDC 2017 keynote.

While a smaller volume slider and new AirPod controls are pretty neat, perhaps the most interesting feature that Apple has introduced with iOS 11 is the ability to share Wi-Fi passwords with other devices.

First discovered by the folks at 9to5Mac, it appears that iOS 11 devices can now share Wi-Fi passwords with one another simply by being in close proximity to one another. The way this works is as follows:

Step 1: Open the Wi-Fi Password screen on your unconnected iOS 11 device.

enter password

Step 2: Once the screen is opened, move the unconnected iOS 11 device to a nearby connected iOS 11 device.

Step 3: Doing so will cause a prompt to appear on the connected iOS 11 device that asks the user if they would like to send the Wi-Fi password over to the unconnected device.

share wifi

Step 4: If the user chooses to send the password, the password field on the unconnected device will be populated automatically after a brief delay.

complete approval

While this feature will no doubt prove handy when it comes to sharing Wi-Fi passwords, do note that this feature is exclusive to iOS 11. As such, those who are stuck on older versions of iOS will still need to input the Wi-Fi password manually.