9 Invoicing and Time Management Apps For Business

Time flies! Time is money! – and so it goes. Spouting cliches like these won’t help your productivity or your business much. They only encourage you to work harder. But merely working harder will not bring the best results. You need help to better track your time, expenses, and project management tasks.

Working "easier" may seem like a lazy man’s approach, but doing so can make sense. We’ve used tools all our lives to make work easier. The use of tools applies well to making web design and project management tasks more manageable.

A calendar app and a scheduling tool can keep you organized. A time-tracking app can provide the data you need to prepare an invoice. Likewise, an invoicing app can do the actual preparation and submittal.

Any of these nine apps will keep you from feeling a need to work harder.

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1. FreshBooks


Designed with small service-based businesses in mind, FreshBooks makes the billing process so easy.

This accounting software app automates your invoicing, time tracking, expense management, financial reporting, and client collaboration activities, leaving you more time to devote to building your business.

As a new user, you get a free trial, where you’ll be able to add time entries and expenses, create client profiles and quickly create and send out your first invoice in a matter of seconds.

If you agree that time can be a scarce commodity, you’ll be happy to hear that, on average, FreshBooks can save you a very significant 16 hours per month.

FreshBooks does this by replacing tedious manual billing processes and multiple other applications and tools with one powerful software solution.

Over 10 million FreshBooks users manage their invoicing and accounting processes from start to finish. You can do the same. Sign up for a 30-day free trial today.

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2. AND CO from Fiverr

AND CO from Fiverr

This super-simple-to-use invoicing and time and expense app was designed with freelancers and studios in mind. AND CO is available on the web, Android, and iOS. It’s completely free, no trial is necessary, and you can keep your credit card in your purse or wallet.

AND CO will also help you generate proposals, manage recurring payments, and assist you with your task management chores. More than 100,000 businesses use this multi-purpose app.

Get AND CO for Your Business

3. TimeCamp


TimeCamp SOLO is a time and attendance tracking package that is free to freelancers. TimeCamp integrates with Evernote, Basecamp, Slack, Trello, and multiple other platforms and applications and performs seamlessly with many accounting, project management, accounting, and helpdesk software systems.

TimeCamp is easy to use, as its 120,000 current users will attest. Livechat support is available 24/7.

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4. Jibble.io


This cloud-based time and attendance tracking application were designed to allow teams to increase their productivity by making better use of their time. Jibble.io enables team leaders and team members to view timesheets and reports they can use in their drive to continuously improve team productivity.

Jibble can deliver timesheets and reports daily, weekly, or monthly, or at any time on demand. Weekly and monthly timesheets and reports are typically used to support payroll reviews. Timesheets can also be exported and downloaded in spreadsheet formats to support accounting activities.

Timesheets and reports can be structured to report in terms of tasks, teams, or individual team members, and personalized reports can be generated for use by those team members.

Jibble also provides support to job costing, proposal submittal, and client billing activities and simplifies collaboration with clients. It can easily be accessed from Slack, iOS and Android devices, and Chrome – with more to come.

The basic plan is free for an unlimited number of users.

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5. Invoice Plane

Invoice Plane

Invoice Plane is a self-hosted, open-source software application that provides basic invoicing and client management services.

When designing Invoice Plane, the authors targeted those in need of an easy to use, reliable invoicing system, with special attention being paid to self-employed users, freelancers, and small to medium-sized businesses.

This multi-language software solution has been downloaded more than 100,000 times in 192 countries. It will manage a billing cycle from top to bottom, including managing estimates and quotes, invoicing, clients, and payments.

You can customize Invoice Plane’s themes and formats to precisely fit your billing cycle process, workflow, and client’s needs and expectations and use any of 25 online payment providers.

Hosting solutions are available. The authors suggest viewing the demo before installing Invoice Plane on your server.

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6. Scoro


Scoro is one of the most comprehensive business management applications you will find anywhere. It’s an excellent choice for professionals and creative services.

Scoro will track actual and billable time, create invoices, provide one-page project reviews, create schedules, and provide real-time data on its dashboard to assist you in monitoring team or company performance.

You can replace spreadsheets and multiple tools shuffling with this one multi-use app.

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7. Minterapp


Minterapp is a time tracking, invoicing, and project estimating app that startups and small businesses will find particularly helpful and useful.

It automatically tracks time spent on a project and, with a single click, generates an invoice. Individual workers can see how much time they spend on a task or project.

Thanks to Minterapp, with just a single click, you can convert a proposed quotation into an invoice without any hassle of adding the client to the system again.

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8. Hiveage


Hiveage is a small business invoicing, billing, and reporting app designed to help you stay up to date on your business’s financial matters.

Hiveage will submit invoices displaying your brand to your clients and make it easier for them to pay by providing access to more than a dozen online payment gateways.

Hiveage will also assist you in preparing project estimates and quotations. Save up to 80 hours a month with Hiveage.

Get YYY for Your Business

9. Invoice Ninja

Invoice Ninja

Invoice Ninja is not a single app, but a suite of apps designed especially for freelancers to help them with quotes and invoices. The service is free, as is the Invoice Ninja proposal template and creation tool.

Invoice Ninja ties into more than 40 payment gateways, making the transactions easier for both you and your clients. The package also includes a time-tracking app, and Kanban boards assist in managing projects.

Get Invoice Ninja for Your Business


You might be a freelancer, work for an agency or large company, or a small business owner. There’s just the app you need to help you with your time management and invoicing tasks.

Some of these apps were designed with freelancers or self-employed individuals in mind.

Others will best serve agencies or small to mid-size businesses. More than a few offer expense tracking and proposal generation. Some provide workforce productivity data and other capabilities.

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