You’re a freelance web designer? Here are 3 ways to boost your productivity

It's natural to struggle with the effects of procrastination on occasion. Web designers aren't immune from this. This is the especially the case with freelancers. They do not always work with highly structured workflows or strict schedules.

It’s natural to struggle with the effects of procrastination on occasion. Web designers aren’t immune from this. This is the especially the case with freelancers. They do not always work with highly structured workflows or strict schedules.

Does this sound like you? Maybe you’ve been looking for ways to minimize or avoid those time-wasting episodes? Take heart! You don’t have to undergo a major lifestyle change to find a solution to the problem.

It’s easy to keep procrastinating from gaining the upper hand. We’ve put together three productivity techniques to show you how it’s done. You can start today – and start reaping the benefits today, as well!

Productivity Technique #1: Use Be Theme’s pre-built websites to finish your client’s work in 4 hours

What usually causes the procrastination? It might be the uncertainty as to how to get started on a design project because of the client’s requirements. Also, it might be your unfamiliarity of the niche involved.

That simply won’t happen with Be Theme in your design toolkit. This multipurpose WordPress theme has more than 300+ pre-designed websites. All of them are representing the largest assortment of pre-built websites on the market.

Finding just the right pre-built website to match a client’s needs takes minutes at most. When you’ve found what you need, it takes but a single-click to install.

The result? Time saved, and productivity improved, without hardly trying. And, being able to get a website up and running in as little as 4 hours is another time saver. Not to mention being a sure-fire way of making a client happy!

Here’s a sampling of what Be’s users find helpful:

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Here are 10 Be Theme pre-built designs you can use to create a full website in a matter of hours

Be Salmon

This pre-built website, with its large, enticing images, an interactive menu, and a section devoted to customer testimonials will get your web design for a client in this specific niche, off to a great start.


The bold images, both before and after, together with a price listing for services section, put you well on the way to creating a professional-looking website any client in this niche will love.


Any website dedicated to highlighting and scheduling meetings and events has its own special features and characteristics. This pre-built website has them in spades, including an eye-catching countdown clock.


Have you ever had problems in the past getting started on a project that calls for delivery of a luxurious, silky-smooth website? Look no further. This pre-built website has an integrated eShop to boot.


It can be tough at times to come up with a website design that speaks to its intended audience; especially a youthful one. Bold imagery & color combinations do the trick here, as does its integrated eShop.


Here’s a hip design you can almost hear. In fact, with this pre-built website’s integrated video and audio player, you can hear and see the action. An informative blog section adds the perfect touch.


Can you imagine any better way to impress a client, or the visitors to the client’s website, than to include tasty images inside the online menu? Couple those with the photo gallery and generous About Us page, and you’ve got a winner!


Creatives can sometimes be difficult clients to satisfy (they’re always certain they couldhave come up with a better design). This clean, simple design, impressive gallery, and the integrated presentation video will serve you well.


Whether your client is looking for an eLearning platform, or just a place to sign up for courses or classes, this pre-built website has the features needed: an intuitive menu, attention-getting video thumbnails, and an easy-to-navigate events calendar.


The profession may be a complex and demanding one, but creating a website for a client in this niche can be relatively simple, when you start with this pre-built website with its sharp, simple design, clean structure, and well-organized content.
Productivity Technique #2: Be more flexible instead of forcing yourself into a strict schedule

There are times when trying to adhere to a strict schedule can be more of a hindrance than a help. You end up beating your head against the wall.

At the same time, loosening up and being more flexible would seem to be counterproductive. It isn’t.

force yourself a schedule

Freelancers often get much more done when they add a dash or two of flexibility to their workflow, such as:

  • When you feel stuck, take a break. Go for a walk. Better yet, go for one with your dog (or consider getting one, if you don’t have one). Take a coffee break with a friend. Your brain, meanwhile, will continue to work your problem.
  • Make a to-do list, but make it a general one. A list of very specific tasks can easily become overwhelming. If you get hung up on one task, your entire schedule can take a hit. Give yourself a little slack; so, if you can’t finish a task one day, it’s OK to finish it the next.
Productivity Technique #3: Calculate how much productivity costs you every day

This technique is based on a very simple idea. It is easier to calculate the cost of wasted time, than an increase in productivity due to time saved.

productivity cost

Calculating how much procrastination is costing you every day is a powerful motivator.

You might be charging by the hour or by the assignment as a freelancer. Either way, you should be able to calculate your average hourly fee. At the end of each day, estimate how many hours you’ve wasted. Multiply the number by your hourly fee, and write the answer down on a sticky note.

Keep it in front of you. Do the same every day. Before long, you’ll be working hard to keep the number to a minimum, to keep those $$ from flying out the door.

When the money you’re saving each day reaches a certain point; reward yourself!


These are 3 techniques to increase your productivity as a freelance web designer:

  • Make Be Theme your web-building tool of choice (you can put together a website in 4 hours)
  • Don’t be afraid to be more flexible when scheduling your work
  • Calculate what procrastinating, or other idle time is costing you every day
  • The best part about these techniques is that you have a powerful, easy-to-work-with tool to assist you. Also, you don’t have to force yourself into a tight schedule, and you don’t have to turn your lifestyle upside down.

    Take your dog for a walk, and think it over!!