Get Facebook Notifications Anywhere Using MyStatusBar

Important: MyStatusBar is no longer available.

Do you find yourself constantly checking Facebook for updates from your friends? It’s tough to stay on one website all day, especially when you have other tasks to complete. Wouldn’t it be great to get Facebook notifications while you’re on other websites?

You can actually receive Facebook updates without having to keep the site open. While some people use specialized browsers like RockMelt, many are content using Chrome or Firefox.

This quick guide will show you how to receive real-time Facebook notifications without having to visit the site, using the MyStatusBar extension for Google Chrome.

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Setting Up Facebook Notifications with MyStatusBar

If you’re using Chrome, visit the MyStatusBar download page to install the extension.

Installing MyStatusBar

Once installed, you’ll be taken to the MyStatusBar homepage. Click the Login to Facebook button located at the bottom left corner of the page.

Logging into MyStatusBar

Next, click Log in with Facebook.

Logging into Facebook

Click Allow to give MyStatusBar permission to access your Facebook account.

Allowing MyStatusBar Access

You’ll now see the MyStatusBar bar at the bottom of your browser, displaying your Facebook notifications in real-time.

MyStatusBar Interface

Upon closer inspection, it will look like this:

Detailed View of MyStatusBar


You no longer have to keep Facebook open to stay updated. MyStatusBar lets you receive notifications without having to visit the site, making your life a bit easier.