How to Boost Your Windows 8.1 Searches (Index More Files)

One of the thing that frustrates Windows 8.1 users is the fact that they are not able to search for their files using the Metro inbuilt search features. For some reason, you can only search for files that are available on your desktop and your library, but not anywhere else. Files kept in say, “D:\notes” won’t turn up in the search results.

In this article, we will show you how to index all your files to allow it to pop up in future search results ran in the Metro UI. You can select which drive to index rather than cover everything as th latter may slow down your computer.

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To Start Indexing Your files

Open Metro UI with the Windows key and search for Indexing Options. Open it, then click on Modify to open “Indexed Locations”.

Click On Modify

In “Indexed Locations”, select the folder that you want to index so that the contents will appear in the search results. Note that the more drives you select to index, the slower your system may become. Click OK when you’re done selecting.

Select Folders To Be Index

Depending on the number of files you’re indexing, it will take some time before your computer can complete the indexing process.

Wait For Indexing Process To Be Completed

Once completed you can search for your files easily through Metro search.

Search For Your Files