30 Inspirational Examples of Illustration in Web Design

Discover 30 inspiring examples of how illustrations can enhance web design. Transform your website's look and feel with these creative ideas.

There are many ways to give a website a unique look, but none is more effective than creating some awesome illustrated elements for it. Illustrations can give a lot of personality to the layout of your website, provided that you know how to use them properly.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a completely illustrated background, a sketched font or a hand-drawn icon, it will provide your design with a unique feel as long as your approach towards inserting these elements in your design is correct.

Today, we’ll be sharing with you some awesome examples of illustrated elements in web design. Hopefully, they will inspire you in creating something unique for your own website or projects.

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Duct Tape & Glitter

It’s a design studio so naturally these designers will want to create something unique to show off their skills. And usage of illustrated elements has surely helped their cause.

Duct Tape & Glitter illustration

Another design studio that uses illustrated backgrounds to increase the visual appeal of their website.

Trent Walton

Trent Walton uses both the illustrated background and hand-drawn icons to create a unique feel for its layout.

Trent Walton illustration

Postable’s hand drawn icons and stylish fonts are really binding together the layout of this website.

Postable illustration

The usage of some great illustrated graphics from their games is helping AppGear create a unique website for themselves.


Large illustrated graphics and hand-drawn icons make Aggregift an attractive website.

Aggregift illustration
Sir John a Day

Top-notch illustrations and the fact that they are interactive makes visiting Sir John a Day an enjoyable experience.

Sir John a Day illustration

Created for a young audience, Babel needed the illustrated elements to catch their imagination.

Babel illustration

You will need illustrated elements in your website if you are trying to promote an animated movie, and that’s exactly what ParaNorman did.

ParaNorman illustration
Impress A Penguin

An example of just how much can be achieved through proper usage and placement of illustrated elements.


An excellent website with some great illustrated elements and a sketched font.

SoleilNoir illustration
Luhse Tea

Custom font and illustrated elements make Luhse Tea a real eye candy.

Luhse Tea illustration
inTacto 10 Years

With the help of its illustrated graphic, this website makes it easy for the user to know the achievements of inTact in the past decade.

inTacto 10 Years illustration
Inspire Conference

This fully illustrated website is doing a great job in promoting the inspiring conference which will be held next month in Leiden, Netherlands.

Inspire Conference illustration

This one has everything you can ask for, illustrated background, a hand-drawn icon and custom font, but what makes it special is the proper placement of these elements.

Spokes illustration
UK Energy Consumption Guide

Illustrated elements makes explaining difficult statistics to an average user a lot easier, and this website is a perfect example of it.

UK Energy Consumption Guide illustration
Somos La Pera Limonera

This design studio uses some nice illustrations to create a fresh look for their website.

Somos La Pera Limonera illustration

The quality of the illustrated elements used in this website tells a lot about just how good this design studio is.

Muffi illustration

I guess design studios just love illustrations.


Another design conference promotion website using illustrated elements to attract the user’s attention.

ConvergeSE illustration

Let’s face it, most of us are not great readers. And guys at WWF understand that, so they used illustrated elements to convey their message.

WWF illustration
The Great Bearded Reef

Josh Wilis surely knows how to promote himself.

The Great Bearded Reef illustration
Boks Quiz

Illustrated elements can be a great asset for a website dealing with a young audience, take a look at Boks Quiz for proof of this statement.

Boks Quiz illustration
The Hybrid4 Graphic Novel

This website has some of the most detailed illustrated graphics.

The Hybrid4 Graphic Novel illustration
These are Things

Awesome illustrations really, and they needed them as well, because they are selling their illustrated “THINGS” through this website.

These are Things illustration

Illustrated backgrounds, hand drawn icons plus a nice approach towards the placement of these elements and you get a winner like DIY.

DIY illustration
Alex Buga

By looking at the illustrated elements of his website, one can instantly know how good a designer Alex is.

Alex Buga illustration

Another nearly completely illustrated website.

Explanimate illustration
More than Twenty

The illustrated background and the custom font creates a nice harmony in the layout of More than Twenty.

More than Twenty illustration

Development studios are often not into illustrated elements, but when they do decide to use them the result can be as awesome as Pioneers.

Pieoneers illustration