History Recap: 30 Years of Windows [Infographic]

The latest version of Windows will be released near the end of this month in nearly 190 markets around the world. Windows 10 is something many are keeping their eyes on: will it or won’t it redeem Windows for what it put users through in Windows 8? (In case you missed it, one of our own, Thoriq Firdaus took a run at Windows 10 in the Windows Insider program.)

The release is a little over a week away, so while we wait, how about we take a stroll down memory lane with this infographic about the History of Windows?

This infographic by Microsofttraining.net will take you through the 30 years of Windows revolution, beginning from Windows 1 (1985) and 2, then to the graphical interface of Windows 3 (1990), the many versions for consumer consumption, Windows 95, 98, ME, XP, Vista, 7, 8 and the last version ever to be made, Windows 10.

Note that this rundown is not exhaustive and does not include many editions such as Windows NT, CE, Server or mobile releases.