Effortlessly Secure Files Across All Devices with Plug-Group

Note: This project has been discontinued.

Cloud storage is, shall we say, the current way to store all our files for easy access on multiple devices. It is however, not without its list of pitfalls. While cloud storage is a great concept, we have limited free space and have to pay for extra (yet rented, not owned) space to store our files in someone else’s servers.

Plug can plug up all those problems while still providing you an effortless way to make your files accessible on all your mobile and desktop devices.

Plug is a small adapter which transforms USB drives to a grouped storage space for your devices. An Internet connection is still required but as all connected devices have access to the same content, users don’t need to manually copy or move their files here and there anymore.

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Getting Plug For 24/7 File Access

It is very easy to set up Plug. Connect Plug to a home Internet connection with a LAN cable and connect a USB drive to it. Then, install the Plug app on your devices. And you’re done.

With Plug, all the devices share the same storage. That also means that smartphones and tablets connected with Plug will have a lot more storage to save more pictures, documents and media files.

Plug added space

So what is the difference? For starters, compared to a cloud storage service like Dropbox, Plug doesn’t sync your files, it just groups them all in the same place. The Plug app allows access by any device to that group of files. Applications and system files are automatically ignored.

plug all files

All other files (pictures, videos, documents, music etc) can be accessed on mobile devices as if the user is on the desktop.

What’s more, Plug also can connect the TV to the mix. With this, we can watch our movies without needing to transfer it from the laptop to the TV manually. Users can set the type of media i.e. video and audio files, they want to make available on the TV.

plug tv

Need more space? Just connect another USB drive to Plug. The storage space adds up and users can plug in up to 8 USB drives. If you have 1 TB worth of USB drives connected to Plug, that is the amount of storage all your connected devices have, each.

plug add more drive

For users who seem to accidentally delete items all the time, Plug is a life saver. Every version of a saved document is backed up. If you mess up a document just look up an older version under History and retrieve that version. Plus, users can set a file accessible for offline viewing.

plug back up older version

Lastly, if you have always been worried about the security of your files particularly those stored in Cloud, then Plug will lay those worries to rest. Plug uses a private key that is password-protected to authenticate any user found inside your Plug system. This private key is stored in your Plug and devices letting no one except you to access your data.

plug security

Plug is available at an affordable one-off price tag of $79 on Kickstarter, USB drives not included, but we’re sure you have a few of those lying around unused.