10 Travel Gadgets That’ll Give You Peace of Mind

Traveling is great, but a single incident can turn it into a nightmare. Whether it’s getting robbed, pickpocketed, or losing your valuables, your fun travel can easily turn into a disaster. So, if you’re an avid traveler and want to keep yourself and your belongings safe, you can make use of some useful security gadgets designed to keep your travels safe.

From fitness gadgets to high-tech camping gear, people benefit from these small gifts of technology all the time. Likewise, in this post, I’ve handpicked 10 security gadgets that will ensure your travels are safe. Let’s see how we can make your travel disaster-proof.

1. Vigilant personal alarm

A personal alarm is a great thing that ensures you always have a way to get help when you’re in trouble. Like Vigilant 130DB Personal Alarm that has an ear piercing siren to attract help from a long distance.

vigilant personal alarm

You can easily strap it to your wrist or hook it to your purse or backpack, and a simple pull of a pin will raise the alarm. Vigilant Personal Alarm also has a red hazard light for people to easily see you in the dark, and two tiny flashlights to help you see in the low light areas.

2. Addalock


While traveling, you often stay at a hotel or a rest-house, but have you ever wondered who else may have the key to your room? If you don’t want to take any chances, then you should keep a portable door lock like Addalock with you. It’s a sturdy door lock that easily attaches to any inward opening door and offers optimum security with its chrome body.

It affixes itself to the strike of the door, and its chrome body prevents anyone from opening the door inward. It doesn’t require any extra tools and can be easily installed in just a few seconds. Best of all, it doesn’t leave a single scratch on the door after use.

3. Lapa Bluetooth tracker

lapa bluetooth tracker

A Bluetooth tracker will ensure your valuables never get lost no matter how busy you are in your travel. Although there are many Bluetooth trackers available, but I really like Lapa for its handy recall feature and long range. It’s a tiny gadget that attaches to your belongings such as keys, passport or wallet, and lets you track them if they get lost.

It lets you make the item beep and flash to easily find within a range of 200 ft. On top of that, it will also alert you if you move away from your valuables a set distance, so you could easily retrieve them.

Additionally, it also shows the last recorded location of the item on a map in case it gets lost. Overall, Lapa is a great security gadget to ensure your valuables stay under your nose when you are traveling.

4. DriStore body wallet waist

distore body wallet waist

This is a money belt that will help you keep your most important things such as your passport, ticket, or money safe. This waist belt has a water resistant pocket where you can easily safe keep anything about the size of a passport.

The pocket is also quite concealed, making it hard for any thief to notice it. It is made of ripstop fabric and has a low profile not to gain the attention of people. Although keeping the pocket section up front will surely give it up.

5. Kingston IronKey S1000 USB drive

kingston ironkey

If you are one of those travelers who like to keep their important data with them all the time, then this IronKey S1000 could be the best data storage solution for you.

This sturdy USB comes with a built-in 256-bit AES hardware-based encryption to ensure your data is always safe. Furthermore, it automatically secures data when you detach it, and responds to physical tampering as well.

You can also easily erase all the data in it with a single click and leave the data unrecoverable. In case someone tries to guess the password, it will lock down after 10 wrong attempts.

Additionally, it is quite tough itself with an aluminum enclosure that meets military-grade standard. If you have some sensitive data with you while traveling, then IronKey S1000 is the best security for it.

6. Travel Sentry combination lock

travel sentry lock

A strong combination lock that is portable and can be useful in many ways. The main purpose of the lock is to secure your luggage to a fixed object such as furniture or a pole to make it hard for a thief to steal it. It also comes with a coated 48in steel cable to help you easily secure multiple bags.

Apart from luggage, you can also use it to secure your other valuables as well, such as your bike. The combination lock is also not fixed and can be easily reset and changed as long as you know the current combination.

7. LIFESAVER bottle

lifesafer bottle

In your travels, you may have to go to the areas where there is no clean water available. If that’s the case, then LIFESAVER bottle will help you clean almost any type of water with an efficiency of removing 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, and parasites, etc. It has passed the filtering test with over 99.99% accuracy with the test conducted on sewerage water.

The bottle can hold up 750ml of water and the filters can sustain over 6000 liters of water. The filter instantly cleans water and can be easily user replaced. You can also get an optional chemical filter to filter chlorine and taste odor.

8. Pacsafe 120L backpack protector

pascafe backpack protector

Pacsafe is a 120L external backpack protector composed of stainless steel wires to protect your bag from theft and also allows you to secure to a fixed object.

The protector can be wrapped around the bag to give it 360 degree protection that is locked by a padlock. The protector is big enough to cover large backpacks, and it’s very easy to cover the bag with it.

9. Master Lock 5900D portable safe

masterlock portable

If you are looking to keep your multiple valuables safe in one place, then you can buy the Master Lock 5900D Portable Safe. It’s a combination lock safe big enough to handle multiple items such as wallet, phone, medicines, and passport, etc.

The safe is sturdy enough to deter thieves and has foam fitting to ensure the items inside don’t scratch or break. Furthermore, it also has a tiny hole to let you easily insert your charging cables or headphones to interact with the devices inside.

10. Travelon anti-theft travel wallet

travelon anti theft wallet

A simple but well-thought travel wallet that has some reliable anti-theft features. It comes with a slash-proof shoulder strap to ensure your wallet always stays with you, and no one could snatch it even by cutting.

It has a full zipper opening that is secured by a sliding covering. Inside, you’ll get a zipper pocket, multiple slots for credit cards with RFID protection, a paper money-saving slot, and few extra slots for whatever you like to keep.

The wallet is big enough to hold a medium-sized phone and is stylish enough to not look awkward on you.

Travel with a peace of mind

These gadgets have been specially developed to keep you and your valuables safe as you travel. I think Vigilant Personal Alarm and LIFESAVER bottles are great gadgets that many travelers will find handy. Although Addalock also seems like a must-have gadget. Which one of these security gadgets for travelers do you like? Share with us in the comments.