12 Holders To Help Radiate Your Geekiness

As far as geeks are concerned, the things that they use have always been clear exmples of what they are passionate about. Even if it is the small things around them, like the things they use to hold their stationery or books, candy or even toilet rolls!

Here is a brief list of 12 holders geeks won’t mind having on the desk or around the house. If you have a geeky holder of your own or even better, if you made one, share it with us in the comments!

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Dead Fred. Oh no! What happen to Fred? The Pen got him! It’s the perfect item to drop a hint to your colleagues that you are not in the mood to joke around. If this doesn’t work, use this one.

dead fred

Portal Bookends. Ffinally a reason to clean my dusty pile of books.

portal bookends

Stark Direwolf Bookends. Insta-buy for Games of Thrones’ diehard fans to prove your obsession.

stark direwolf bookends

Super Mario 3DS Holder. A 3D Mario holding my 3DS? That looks like my childhood dream comes true! Guess that’s why there’s only 1 left in store.

super mario 3ds holder

Darth Vader Candy Bowl Holder. Join the force, we have mini Darth Vader to hold your candies! Just take my money, already.

darth vader candy bowl holder

Stormtrooper Candy Bowl Holder. Holding candies is probably a better job than serving Darth Vader! Beware, the purchase force is strong with this one.

stormtrooper candy bowl holder

Commode Dragon Tyrant Bath Tissue Holder. Badass holder for the King of the house.

commode dragon tyrant bath tissue holder

Gothic Knight Bath Tissue Holder. What’s better than having a royal knight serve you, m’lord, after a stressful day?

gothic knight bath tissue holder

Lego Key Holder. For every geek who had Legos as their childhood playmate for years, why not make them a part of your everyday adulthood? Just don’t drop them on the floor.

lego key holder

XBOX 360 Controller Desk-Mate. Get your own XBOX controller… stationery holder? If you like, there is a PS3 and GameCube version as well. [$22.73] (Image Source: GreenCub)

xbox 360 controller desk-mate

DOOM Floppy Disk Pen Holder. It’s what today’s generation known as the Save button but if you have it in physical form, hey, this is a nice use for it. [$7.22] (Image Source: GeekGear)

doom floppy disk pen holder

Tic Tac Toe Pencil Holder. If you have enough pencils and pens for a full game, hey… Tic Tac Toe in 3D!

tic tac toe pencil holder