40 Geeky Cakes to Max Up Your Birthday’s Geekiness

Do you want an iPhone for your birthday but it’s too expensive? How about a cake that looks like an iPhone instead? It’s cheaper, bigger, and even has an exclusive feature – you can eat it!

We want to share 40 cakes that gadget geeks or gamers will love. From iPhones to Xboxes and even a cake that looks like Deathwing’s head, we have every geeky cake covered here! They look so realistic, you might mistake them for the real thing. Take a look for yourself!

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The first geeky cake is indeed the lovely Hongkiat cake featuring the shining Hongkiat.com logo! The cake was made for the site owner, Hongkiat’s birthday celebration.

(Image Source: Hongkiat)

hongkiat cake
Nikon Camera

Cameras too expensive for you? Consider this one then. It’s gorgeous, and it’s delicious! You can view more surreal camera cakes here and here .

(Image Source: Tina’s Cakes)

nikon camera cake
Blue iPod

Complete with earphones, this iPod cake has got it made for the birthday boy. If you prefer pink, there’s one too!

(Image Source: Debbie Does Cakes)

blue ipod cake

I thought this is a real iPhone when I first saw it, the detail is simply amazing! Debbies Does Cakes brings cake-baking to epicness levels!

(Image Source: Debbie Does Cakes)

iphone3g cake

I think if you make this cake as a birthday gift for your kids, you better prepare a real iPad too. Anyway, it’s a perfect imitation of the real iPad.

(Image Source: Debbie Does Cakes)

ipad cake

Now here comes a pretty darn cool Blackberry cake, should taste like blackberry too!

(Image Source: Debbie Does Cakes)

blackberry cake
Mini Mac

It’s truly mini, as they are cupcakes. I couldn’t resist their cuteness!

(Image Source: Cakehead Loves)

mini mac cake
Nintendo Entertainment System

Geek dads will definitely love this NES console, a reminder of the golden age of their gaming youth.

(Image Source: sgs_1019)

nintendo entertainment system cake

My heart melts when I saw this cake; it brings back so much precious memories! And it’s probably because it looks real similar to the real deal.

(Image Source: Ninja Dog Corps)

ninja dog corps cake

“The guys were in geek heaven with the cake.”

(Image Source: everdale1)

playstation cake
PlayStation 3

Put in a game disc (pick one of the two that came with the cake!) and you may just be able to fire up this cake for a run. The baker is insane.

(Image Source: Debbie Does Cakes)

playstation 3 cake
PlayStation Portable

My jaw dropped when I saw this one, as I’m a PSP addict and this basically has no difference with the real one.

(Image Source: Debbie Does Cakes)

playstation portable cake
Nintendo DS

Now here’s a Nintendo DS XXXXL!

(Image Source: Paddy’s Place of Prattling)

nintendo ds cake

Love the color and the simplicity. View another realistic one here!

(Image Source: Susan-Claire’s Cakes)

xbox cake
Xbox 360 Halo Edition

I wonder how much effort did the baker put in to craft out every little detail on the cake. It’s mind-blowingly impressive.

(Image Source: Cakes by Bernard)

xbox 360 halo edition cake

A hardcore cake for a hardcore Halo fan, made by a similarly hardcore baker.

(Image Source: Mike’s Amazing Cakes)

halo cake
Companion Cube

Many bakers love to do this companion cube cake! Guess it’s because of its simplicity, but of course cuteness does matter a lot!

(Image Source: freeforged)

companion cube cake
Mario Kart

How can you call this a geeky cake collection if Super Mario is not inside? Here’s one big, fat and charming Super Mario for you to taste!

(Image Source: Rachel Manning Cakes)

mario kart cake
Happy Ending

With this wedding cake and his own princess, the geek wedding is complete.

(Image Source: M. A. L.)

happy ending cake
Super Mario

It is a touching moment to see your childhood hero appear on your birthday cake!

(Image Source: BarbaraRG)

super mario cake
Ms Pac-Man

Ingredients for a Pac-Man cake: Basic Yellow Cake, Buttercream, Fondant and a touch of white chocolate, and lots of cuteness!

(Image Source: melonqueen)

Angry Birds

Nothing is better than this cake for an Angry Birds addict. Also, you can take a close look at Red Bird cake here!

(Image Source: Anita Jamal)

angry birds cake
Twitter Fail Whale

I’d rather stare at it than eat it, as it looks so beautiful and most importantly, peaceful.

(Image Source: Mariana Pugliese)

twitter fail whale cake

This cake could be the bestseller in the local shop, considering the number of FarmVille addicts out there! And it’s even charming.

(Image Source: Anita Jamal)

farmville cake

It’s Baneling from StarCraft 2! It’s the nastiest masterpiece ever!

(Image Source: Tina’s Cakes)

baneling cake
World of Warcraft – Deathwing

This is beyond epic. If the silver plate was not under the head, I won’t even believe it’s a cake. It is perfection, in fact, it’s beyond it.

(Image Source: Obajoo)

world of warcraft - deathwing cake
World of Warcraft – Human Shield

For every human player in Warcraft 3 and World of Warcraft, this cake is for you!

(Image Source: auroracakes)

world of warcraft - human shield cake
Diablo 3

If there is only one thing to complain about, I will say that Diablo’s head is just too adorable!

(Image Source: Vickibakes)

diablo 3 cake
Eye of Sauron

Am I supposed to eat this… eye? I will probably start slicing it by stabbing the eye first!

(Image Source: emzstar)

eye of sauron cake

How to bake a dragon – “The Dragon was a rice crispy sculpture covered in fondant and the rock was cake and buttercream”. There’s also another great dragon cake inspired by Dungeons and Dragons!

(Image Source: Mary Griffis)

dragon cake
Mass Effect 2

“Shepard, you’re offering me cake? Can it wait for a bit? I’m in the middle of some calibrations.”

(Image Source: 4lici4)

mass effect 2 cake

Sickening Venom, baked with coolness and epicness.

(Image Source: chocmocakes)

venom cake
Captain America

No, this is not photoshopped. And yes, it’s clean and perfect. Take a close look at another cake depicting his cool… delicious shield!

(Image Source: chocmocakes)

captain america cake
Optimus Prime

Roll out, autocakes!

(Image Source: Cakerific)

optimus prime cake

Not sure if it’s a cake anymore, or a great building made by the cake’s ingredients.

(Image Source: William Eng Photography)

batman cake
AK 47

This AK-47 could kill people with its coolness and sweetness.

(Image Source: auroracakes)

ak 47 cake
Rubik’s Cube

Even if the shape is quite primitive, it’s still a creative and appealing cake for Rubik’s cube solvers!

(Image Source: BRIAN)

rubiks cube cake


I believe if you’ve browsed through every cake showcased in this post, you will agree that they are all made in great detail, and this is what impressed me the most. Creating illustrations with graphic editing software like Photoshop and Illustrator is hard enough, but shaping a cake with so much attention to detail is just insane! You need both patience and skill to surpass the skills of these bakers. Kudos to all of master bakers!

Did you spot some really geeky cakes elsewhere? Be sure to share them with us. Embrace the web 2.0 sharing spirit! And if you are a fellow superbaker, don’t be shy to showcase your handmade geeky cakes, we are salivating for some eye candy from you guys.

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