35 Tech-inspired Pillows for Geeks

Geeks love their sleek gadgets and powerful devices – actually, what they love have much to do with technology itself. The latest tablet, the newest OS, the coolest of smartphones, you name them, they went and got them. And then there is the cute side of technology. In today’s showcase, we’re featuring these cute cuddly comforts also known as pillows... for geeks!

Featuring tech symbols including social media platform logos and QR codes, old school storage devices and world-known icons, even consoles to calendars, these are the pillows geeks should be seeking comfort from whenever they shut down their devices for a quick break from work.

Google Chrome Pillow

Pillow TV Remote

RSS Icon Pillow

Gmail Pillow

Twitter Pillow

Mini Floppy Disc Pillow

CtrlAltDel Pillow Set

Funky Dreadlock Pillow

PacMan Pillow

That Is So Dial Up

Hand-knitted QR Code

Floppy Disc Pillow Set

Super Geek Pillow

Mac Finder Icon Pillow

Comfy Pillow for Old Geeks

Facebook Pillow

Led Pillow With Wakes Light

iSleep Pillow

iPod Speakers Pillow

Giant iPod Pillow

iPhone-Inspired Pillow

Cushion Control Pillow

Firefox Pillow

Windows Icon Pillow

Facebook "Like" Pillow

Twitter Account Pillow

AT Sign Geekery Pillow

Apple Icon Pillow

iPhone Calendar Icon Pillow

Yahoo! Pillow

Owl iPhone Pillow

ICQ Icon Pillow

White Laptop Pillow

Last Note

One last thing, these pillows are out there. They aren’t just concepts, you can actually get one for yourself from the right places. So if that office chair of yours have been giving you backaches, it’s time you invest some time to get your very own geeky pillow. If any of the links above don’t work, don’t worry. Shop around in other similar websites and always compare prices.

Editor’s note: This post is written by Jelly Bone for Hongkiat.com. Jelly is a freelancer who likes to write about web design and inspiration, and improve her writing skills! She works with FanFBMLTemplates.com and is a co-founder of DesignPunx.com – a new blog comprising useful tips for deisgners, writers and site owners as well as creative showcases to draw inspiration.

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