Zondicons – Premium SVG Icons That’s Free

If you search around Google you’ll find tons of free iconsets to pick from. However, each has its own unique style and purpose which can make it tough to find the best one for your project.

Zondicons is a newer iconset with a focus on UI design for web and mobile. It comes with hundreds of SVG shapes you can rework and restyle to suit anything from desktop software to mobile apps & websites.

Zondicons iconset

All the icons are hosted in a .zip file right on the website, so you have full access with a single click. They all come in .svg format, so you’ll need a program such as Adobe Illustrator to edit them.

This entire icon pack was created by Steve Schoger as a free resource for designers. It frequently gets updates with new icons and it’s maintained as a 100% free iconset with the goal of staying free forever.

You can use these icons for personal or commercial projects and seriously, there’s a lot of variety to pick from!

Take a peek at the Icons page to see what you get. In the top-right corner of the page, you’ll also see when the iconset was last updated. This is a nifty feature to show just how well this pack is maintained and why it’s worth using in your own work.

Zondicons webpage

Since these icons are full SVG shapes, they’re easy to scale without any quality loss. Perfect for @2x or @3x retina displays that require larger icons to fit HD resolutions.

Each icon is designed on a 20-pixel grid, so they fit into a similar “mold” regardless of the interface. These icons match together perfectly and I highly recommend using Zondicons for any UIs you’re building now or in the future.