15 Best Font Pairing Tools for Designers

Pairing fonts is an essential process of any web design. If you want to create a good website design, you need to be able to make decisions such as choosing the right font, color scheme, even the right WordPress theme. For those seeking fonts, web typography tools are their go-to source. But for regular laypersons like us, maybe there is another easier way to attempt this seemingly impossible task.

Of course, there are a variety of font combinations readily available on the web which you can use. However, it’s also important to know how to create your own font pairs. There’s a whole science to applying heading, subheading and body copy to fit the type of content you produce and your brand identity.

To help you with this process, here are 15 of the best font-pairing websites which will help you to find your perfect font combination. These websites are extremely easy to use and wil help you make ideal typography decision in a few seconds. Let us know which ones you have used or if there are any you would like to suggest.

Type Connection

Type Connection calls itself ‘a typographic dating game’. It will help you to learn how to pair typefaces. Begin with choosing a main type to find a perfect pair. Just like on a real dating site, Type Connection will suggest you potential ‘dates’ for each font you choose.


Google Type

There are over 650 free typefaces available in Google Fonts. This creative project offers inspiration for using fonts from the Google Fonts library.


Font Pair

Font Pair helps designers to combine Google Fonts. Just choose what kind of typeface pair you need between sans-serif, serif and cursive fonts. It also has a collection of font pairs in action.


Type Genius

Type Genius is a free tool to find the perfect font for your website or design project. You choose a starter font and find the best possible pair for it. As a result, the website shows the example where these two fonts are used.


Type Wolf

Type Wolf is a collection of beautiful font combinations from around the web. There, you’ll find the most popular fonts, the site of the day and various font recommendations to find your ideal match.


Beautiful Web Type

Google web font directory accounts for over 600 fonts. Of course, most of them are not really nice, but there are also high-quality typefaces which deserve a closer look. Here you can see these fonts in action. Just scroll down the site and see for yourself.


Fonts in Use

Fonts in Use is a collection of different designs, such as websites, packaging, branding, business cards, posters, magazines along with a list of fonts which were used.


Just My Type

Just My Type is a showcase of font pairings from Typekit and H&FJ. These font samples are displayed in nice colorful blocks.



All the fonts on Typ.io are tagged with related words and will help you to pair even complementary fonts together. It also features examples of different fonts used on websites, and you can see these combinations and pick the one you like.



This tool would be a perfect choice for bloggers. It can help you to pair fonts on heading, subheading and text copy. Using the bar on the left to choose the font family, size and line height.


Font Combinator

Font Combinator is a tool similar to Blender. It will also help you pair titles and text copy fonts. Just choose the element, font, size and color.


Font Combinator by Typotheque

Typotheque is both a graphic design studio and a type foundry publishing and distributing original Latin and non-Latin fonts. Their Font Combinator will help you to pair Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic fonts.


Adobe Typekit

Typekit is a subscription font tool which brings together various fonts for quick and easy search and pairing. Along with a free plan with limited collection of fonts, you may choose one of the paid plans that bear more options.



Matcherator by Fontspring will help you to define what font is used on the image. You can download an image from your computer, or use a URL of the image and a tool that will find the exact font (or similar), so you can use it in your design.



Typespiration is an amazing site featuring designer-contributed examples of sample text from their designs. Below each sample you’ll find a list of fonts which were used, color combinations, and even CSS code which you can paste into your website.