Drag-drop Facebook Friend List like Google+ Circles

Note: This post was first published on the Jun 14, 2012.

Google Plus has a feature that makes the process of grouping friends a little easier with drag and drop. On Facebook, this grouping feature is similar to creating a friend list, and it helps you to reorganize your news feed on your Facebook Wall. But the problem is, creating a friends list on Facebook is not as simple as creating a new group on Facebook.

On Facebook, the process of creating a friends list is a little harder and require a number of clicks. But no worries, we have found a way that lets you create new friends list on your Facebook with drag and drop, just like Google Plus. We will be using Circle Hack, a web application to simplify your friends grouping with drag and drop.

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Drag and Drop Friends to create New list

To get started, go to the Circle Hack website and click on the Facebook login button.

CircleHack Facebook Login

Facebook will prompt you with a popup, click Log in with Facebook.

Login With Facebook

Now your friends list will appear on the website once you are logged in, with a circle at the bottom of the page. You can now create a new friends list on Facebook by simply dragging any of your friends into the circle.

Drag Friend into list

When you have insert all your relevant peeps, click Create list in the middle of the circle. A popup will appear, then give a name to your list, then click OK.

Create List

Once completed, you will see new circle appear, with its new name you have given.

List Created

Now when you go back to your Facebook page, notice that on the left sidebar under ‘Friends’ section, you will see a new list already created for you, automatically.

List on Facebook


Now you can forget creating your friends list from within Facebook will the incessant clicking and cumbersome search process. Make it simple with Circle Hack.