Facebook’s New Collections: Curated Content for You

After weeks of getting grilled for the possible role it played during the U.S. Presidential Election, Facebook is gearing up to release a new feature as part of the company’s effort to combat fake news: Collections.

The function is pretty much identical to Snapchat’s Discover section. Collections showcases new stories, listicles, videos and other content submitted by media partners that participate in this feature.

facebook collections

Details of how Collections work remain scarce at the moment, but Business Insider reported that the partners who participated in Collections will have their content publish in News Feed by Facebook. This allow participants to sidestep the “likes” requirement as well as Facebook’s sponsored post program.

Collections also give Facebook an opportunity to compete head on with the aforementioned Discover feature found on Snapchat. As the Discover section currently serves more than 150 million users on a daily basis, it’s no wonder that Facebook wants to cut itself a slice of the pie.

Facebook is still working on the feature to ensure the effectiveness and integrity involving curated news. Reason being is Facebook was put on a difficult spot earlier this year as the editors of Facebook was allegedly prejudice towards conversative-leaning news. So for now, no release date was given as to when Collections will go live.

Source: The Verge, Business Insider