Official Facebook Accounts to Follow For World Cup

Football fans around the globe are gearing up for the World Cup, many looking for a good way to get timely updates on the events. As most of us are well aware of, the fastest way to get updates about it would be through the use of social media.

Facebook is one of the biggest social platforms on the web today and many teams and players have their very own Facebook fan page to keep their fans updated with the latest news. We have gathered for you a list of Facebook fan pages that will help ensure that you don’t miss out on news about this upcoming Cup.

Official FIFA Pages

  • FIFA: The official Facebook page of FIFA, where you can get all the latest updates in the world of football, and not just the World Cup.
  • FIFA World Cup: The official Facebook page for the FIFA World Cup, sharing news and updates about the games.

Football Team Pages

  • Australia: The official page of the Socceroos, the Australian national football team.
  • Belgium: The official page of Belgian team, known as Rode Duivels (Dutch), Diables Rouges (French), Rote Teufel (German), and the Red Devils (English). Posts are in Dutch and French.
  • Bosnia & Herzegovina: The official page of the Zmajevi (Bosnian for dragons). The posts are in Bosnian.
  • Brazil: The official page of the Pentacampeões (Portuguese for Five Time Champions). Posts are in Portuguese.
  • Chile: The official page of La Roja (Spanish for The Red One) can be found here. Posts are in Spanish.
  • Croatia: The official page of Vatreni (Croatian for The Blazers). The posts are in Croatian.
  • England: The official page of the Three Lions, the English national football team.
  • Ecuador: The official page of La Tri (Named after the tri-color of the Ecuadorian flag). The posts are in Spanish.
  • France: The official page of Les Bleus (French for The Blues). The posts are in French.
  • Germany: The official page of the Nationalmannschaft (German for The National Team. Try saying that 11 times). The posts are in German.
  • Ghana: The official page of the Nsoroma Tuntum (Akan for Black Stars).
  • Greece: The official page of Ethniki (Greek for National). The posts are in Greek.
  • Italy: The official page of Gli Azzurri (Italian for The Blues). The posts are in Italian.
  • Ivory Coast: The official page of Les Éléphants (French for The Elephants). The posts are in French.
  • Japan: The official page of The Samurai Blue. The posts are in Japanese.
  • Korea (R.O.K.): The official page of The Reds. The posts are in Korean.
  • Mexico: The official page of El Tri (Named after the tri-color of the Mexican flag). The posts are in Spanish.
  • Netherlands: The official page of Oranje (Dutch for orange). The posts are in Dutch.
  • Portugal: The official page of A Seleção (Portuguese for The Selection). The posts are in Portuguese.
  • Russia: The official page of the Russian National Team. The posts are in Russian.
  • Spain: The official page of La Roja (Spanish for The Red). The posts are in Spanish.
  • Switzerland: The official page for Schweizer Nati (German for Swiss National Team). The posts are in German and French.
  • Uruguay: The official page of La Celeste (Spanish for The Sky Blue). The posts are in Spanish.
  • USA: The official page for the United States national soccer team.

Football Player Pages

  • Cristiano Ronaldo: Official page of the captain of the Portugal National Team. The page shares pictures of his interactions with his fans and fellow football mates.
  • Lionel Messi: Facebook page of the Argentinian captain. The posts are in a mixture of English and his native Spanish. Contains photos of himself and his fans as well as links to his charity work.
  • Neymar Jr.: Forward for the Brazilian National Team. Shares about his life on and off the pitch. He posts in Portuguese.
  • Andres Iniesta: Midfielder for the Spanish National Team. All his posts are in Spanish and he mostly shares about his support and encouragement for his team, Barcelona.
  • Mesut Özil: German Midfielder. A fun read as he shares his post in multiple languages including English, German, Turkish, Spanish and Arabic.
  • David Villa Sánchez: Striker for the Spanish Team, he shares a lot of pictures of himself on the field or with his mates, all in Spanish.
  • Gerard Piqué: Defender for Spain, he shares many photos of his travels and football mates. Occasionally shares his favorite tunes (Shakira being one of his favorites). His posts are in Spanish.
  • Cesc Fàbregas: Spanish midfielder. You’ll find photos of him playing on the pitch and is an active Instagrammer. He posts in Spanish.
  • Diego Forlán: A Uruguayan forward. Get updates about the matches he plays here. Posts are in Spanish, with the occasional Japanese for his Cezero Osaka fans.
  • Lukas Podolski: Updates about the German forward can be found here, obviously in German. A look into his adventures, both on and off the pitch.
  • Alessandro Del Piero: You can get the latest updates of the Italian forward here on his official Facebook page. The posts are in both in Italian and English, with pictures of his football travels.
  • Philipp Lahm: The German midfielder and captain post updates on his progress on the pitch and his post match analysis. His posts are in German.
  • Giorgio Chiellini: Defender and vice-captain of the Italian team. Usually updates about his on and off pitch life, along with some football video game recommendations for mobile devices. Posts are in Italian.
  • Luis Fabiano: The striker for Brazil mainly updates about his off pitch activities, interactions with fans and other football players. His posts are in Portuguese.
  • Landon Donovan: Considered one of the best football players to come out of the USA, the American forward shares about his football and personal life.
  • Tim Howard: Goalkeeper for Team U.S.A., sharing occasionally about football and social activism that he is a part of.
  • Maurice Edu: Midfielder for the U.S.A., his posts mainly involves his personal life off the field.