Error: Laptop LCD Screen Turns Red

I’m not sure if you’ve experienced this before but when a friend asked me to take a look at her computer, I’m totally surprised. The LCD’s color basically went haywire, or rather inverted. Black color becomes red, white becomes cyan, etc.

An initial search in Google attempting to find the reason and solution, I could not find any except a youtube video posted by another victim that had the exact same problem.

lcd error lcd error

Similar victim

What causes this

We were not really sure about this but suspected the laptop was overheated, or the wiring connecting the LCD might get a little bit dislocated when opening/closing the LCD lid.

Attempt to recover

I’ve tried restarting the Windows, re-update the graphics card drivers, reset screen resolutions but it all did not help. There isn’t much solution on the internet. Most of them suggest victims suffering from this to take it to computer shops to seek for assistance.

How I manage to recover this

I exit windows, shut it down. plug out anything connected to it and let it cool off. Original colors recover the second day I restart the machine. This might not work for you, but at least something you can try if you happen to encounter such situation.

Or here’s another solution (from a youtube user) you might want to keep in reference whenever you encounter any error in Windows.

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