Why Would You Still Wanna Rip DVD (And How to Do It)

There was a time when the rectangular plastic brick-like VHS was replaced by sleek round DVDs as a major media format. However, as the technology kept emerging, DVDs were taken over by Blu-ray disks, and today, even Blu-rays are going obsolete, and streaming services are getting popular.

However, there are so many of us from the DVD era who have our videos, family movies, school/ university events, and even some of our favorite movies in DVD formats lying in some nook of our houses or offices where these are at the risk of getting scratched, damaged or even broken.

So before your memories and favorite movies are lost forever due to damage to the DVD, it is wise to rip it and get it saved in your computer or other storage devices . And I know just the right tool, i.e., WinX DVD Ripper – this software can rip any DVD into an array of digital formats.

Let us look at the process of ripping DVDs in any format using disc-ripping-why-and-how in the following.

Why should you rip DVDs?

In this day and age, when you tell someone you want to rip a DVD, they might laugh at you. Let them laugh as much as they want because there are many reasons why you should rip the DVDs sitting in your home or workplace.

Here are some of these reasons:

1. DVDs wear and tear over time

As I’ve mentioned above, DVDs are almost obsolete nowadays, which means whoever has a collection of DVDs they’ve put them away somewhere where they might think the disks are safe but aren’t.

disc wearing

DVDs are greatly affected by factors like humidity, dust, temperature, light exposure, and magnetism/ X-rays apart from the apparent ones, i.e., scratches and breakages. So, unless you copy their data in your computer or any other storage device, it cannot be considered completely safe from such damages.

2. Most computers these days don’t come with a disc player

Most computer manufacturers have removed the CD/DVD slot to make laptops lighter and slimmer. This is also because CDs and DVDs are not much in use these days.

So, even if you have a collection of DVDs, you won’t be able to play them on the latest laptop anyway. Then wouldn’t it be better to have a digital copy of all their data stored in your computer or an external storage device?

3. To convert into other formats to run on different devices

These days we have an array of devices and a whole gamut of formats to play the media in. So, if you want to view the media stored on your DVDs on a smartphone, tablet, or TV, you need to rip it and convert it in a format that’s suitable for that particular device.

4. To use in a video project

At times, we’re working on a video project that requires us to use one of the clips or a whole video/audio from a DVD. For instance, you’re making a video montage of a friend’s best moments from childhood to be played at his/her wedding and want to use clips from the family movie DVDs.

In such scenarios and many others, to be able to edit and use the media on a DVD, you’re required to rip it and probably convert it in the required format.

6. To improve the quality of the data

The highest resolution of a video stored on DVD is HD (720×480 pixels). However, these days, you can have videos in UHD, 4K, and even 8K.

With the advancement in editing technology, you can improve the quality of the video on a DVD into any of the higher formats. But for that, you need to have the video ripped into a digital format.

What you can rip?

If you’re thinking about what kind of videos anyone would want to rip while even some of the oldest videos and audios can be found online, then here is the answer.

There are so many different types of DVDs that one might possess and would like to rip in a digital format. Some of these are as follows:

1. Convocations, weddings, and other important events

Either you’re a Boomer, Generation X, or a Millennial, I bet you’ll have many of your memorable events recorded on DVDs. From wedding ceremonies and solemnizations to convocations, there are many such events that are saved on DVDs being the technology of that time.

family friends videos
2. Family videos, memories, etc

Family videos, birthday parties, home movies, bar mitzvah, baby’s first steps… Many of us have one of our most memorable moments captured and saved on DVDs. To keep these memories alive and safe from perishing, it is important to rip and save them in a computer or storage device.

3. Your personal movie collection

These days, you can find just about any movie online or watch one on your favorite streaming service. However, many folks created their own movie collection back in the day as DVDs of their favorite films, dramas, or series. If you have such a personal movie collection, then it’s better to create and save a digital copy of these.

dvds blue rays
4. Archival data

Many governmental and non-governmental organizations have video/ audio records or archives saved on DVDs. Police and traffic departments have photos, recordings, and footage, and courts have records of judicial proceedings.

Similarly, television/ radio channels or production houses have tonnes of video/ audio data of their past productions all stored on DVDs that need to be saved on a server or the latest storage device.

How to rip DVDs with disc-ripping-why-and-how

By now, you would have realized the importance of ripping your DVDs and what kind of media should be ripped and saved from a DVD to a storage device. However, the quality and efficiency of ripping depend a lot on the quality of the DVD ripping tool.

So, for this post, I am going to use WinX DVD Ripper that is reliable, efficient, and offers many features that may come in handy for users. You can rip any number of DVDs at a fast speed with a balance in quality and size. Plus the interface is so simple that anyone can use it without any technical knowledge required.

What’s more interesting is that it uses GPU acceleration to rip DVDs that reduce the processing time to just a few minutes. Moreover, you can rip DVD and convert it into any of the popular formats so you can easily run the media on the device of your choice.

Here’s a step-by-step process of the ripping process:

  1. Download and install disc-ripping-why-and-how on your Windows or Mac computer.
  2. Upload the required DVD or ISO image by clicking on DVD Disk or ISO Image respectively. If you want to upload a whole folder, then click on Folder. Select any option and click Run.
  3. 1.2-winx-dvd-ripper
  4. Once the file is selected, you can select the DVD disk file system type among Auto Detect, Force UDF, or Force ISO to rip more DVDs, even damaged ones.
  5. disc-ripping-why-and-how
  6. Select an output profile from three options depending on your requirements. You can select among General Profile (output in commonly-used formats), DVD Backup Profile (copy DVD without quality change), Device Profile (output file to run on iPhone, iPad, Android, smart TVs, or game console, etc.), Web Video Profile (for streaming services), or Common Video/Music Profile (with music extracted from video).
  7. disc-ripping-why-and-how
  8. The tool will automatically select the suitable title and once done, you can click Run to start the ripping process.
  9. disc-ripping-why-and-how
  10. This process will not take much time and once finished you’ll be able to see the ripped DVD in the output folder.
  11. disc-ripping-why-and-how

More other features:

disc-ripping-why-and-how not just rips DVDs, there are many other cool features and solutions offered by the tool.

Create DVD backups

You can create a backup of any DVD with video/ audio files, ISO images, or software to create a copy of the data without any change or downgrade in the quality.

Fix DVD playback error

If there’s a DVD that is showing playback errors or not working properly, you can fix such issues with disc-ripping-why-and-how. It resolves DVD playback problems like when you insert a DVD and it shows a green screen in the media player or gets only sound.

Adjust settings

disc-ripping-why-and-how allows you to rip as well as edit videos in terms of adding subtitles, cropping or trimming. You can also tinker with video settings like codec, resolution, frame rate etc.

Different languages supported

Apart from having a user-friendly interface, you can select from among seven different languages while installing the tool. These include English, Chinese, German, Japanese, French, Spanish, and Russian.


The DVD technology may have gone obsolete due to the advent of other and more advanced technologies, however, there are so many of us who have some of our best memories or important data stored on DVDs.

To keep these memories and significant data from losing, it is wise to rip them using a reliable and efficient tool like WinXDVD Ripper. It is not just fast but offers some cool features to solve DVD playback problems.

Do let us know what kind of DVD do you want to rip and how has your experience been.