How to Change Folder Colors in Windows for Better Organization

Have you grown tired of the standard yellow folder icon in Windows? Despite slight variations in size and shape, the color remains unchanged, and surprisingly, there’s no built-in option to customize it. When you’re navigating through layers of folders, finding the one you need can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack.

What if you could change the color of your folder icons? It would make identifying and differentiating between folders a breeze, freeing you from relying solely on their names.

While Windows traditionally doesn’t support customizing folder icon colors, there’s a solution. FolderColorizer2 is a desktop application designed to breathe new life into your folders. By changing their colors, you can organize your files in a way that suits you best.

Installing Folder Colorizer

Start by downloading Folder Colorizer onto your computer. After downloading, launch the FolderColorizerSetup.exe file. Take a moment to read through the License Agreement and click ‘Next’ to agree and proceed.

Colorizer Setup

Upon agreeing to the terms, click the ‘Install Now’ button to continue with the installation process.

Colorizer Setup Install

If prompted to activate the Microsoft Dot Net 3.0 Framework during installation, you’ll need to download the Dot Net 3.0 framework. Open the package, review the License Agreement terms, and click ‘Install’ if you accept.

Colorizer Dot Net Install

Click ‘Yes’ to continue with the Colorizer installation after any required setups.

Colorizer Dot Net

Installation is now complete! You’re all set to add a splash of color to your desktop folders.

Changing Folder Icons to Different Colors

Ready to make your folders stand out? Simply right-click on the folder you wish to personalize, select ‘Colorize!’ from the context menu, and then choose a preset color that catches your eye.

Color Selection

After picking a color, the icon for your selected folder will instantly update from the classic yellow to your chosen hue, making it much easier to identify at a glance.

Colorized Folders

For those who have a specific shade in mind, right-click the folder, choose ‘Colorize!’, and then click on ‘Custom…’ to access a wider color palette.

Colorizer Custom

In the custom color window, select your preferred color and click ‘Add Color’ to apply it to your folder.

Colorize Custom Selection

This new custom color will also be saved as a preset, making it easy to reuse for other folders in the future.

Restoring the Default Folder Icon Color

If you ever change your mind and want to go back to the classic look, it’s easy to restore your folder icon to its original color. Right-click on the folder, select ‘Colorize!’, and then choose ‘Restore original color’.

Colorizer restore original

Your folder icon will immediately revert to its original yellow, bringing back the default look.

Wrapping Up

Folder Colorizer offers an intuitive way to customize the appearance of your folder icons, making it easier than ever to organize and find your folders. Whether you’re looking to differentiate folders by color based on their contents or simply spice up your desktop, Folder Colorizer has you covered. Remember, you can always revert to the original color if needed.

Note: This post was first published on the Jul 20, 2012.