How to Customize Mac’s Folder Icon with Any Image

Discover how to breathe new life into your Mac’s interface by customizing folder icons with any image of your choice. If you’ve ever struggled with finding the right folder due to the uniformity of Mac’s default blue folder icons, this guide is for you. We’ll show you a simple and effective way to differentiate your folders, enhancing your Mac’s visual appeal and improving your productivity.

Learn how to transform your favorite images into unique folder icons, making it easier than ever to navigate your Mac’s Finder. Let’s dive into the process of personalizing your Mac’s folder icons.

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Replace Folder Icon with image

There are only three simple steps to changing your folder icon to any of your favorite images.

  1. Select any folder of choice and press Cmd + I to open the folder info panel. You can also open the info panel by option-clicking on the selected folder and selecting Get Info.

    Info Folder
  2. Now open any images you want to use; you can open it with Preview, then press Cmd + A to select and Cmd + C to copy the image.

    Image Preview
  3. Point your cursor and click on the folder image at the top left corner of the folder info panel you open earlier, then press Cmd + V to paste the image.

    Paste Image

    Once you have, your folder icon will now change to the image you pasted earlier.

    Folder with Image

Now you already have a new look for your folder icon. To remove this image, simply click on the image at the top left corner of the info panel and press Delete


With this simple trick, you can start reorganizing your folders on your Mac so it’s easier for you to spot which folder to look into when you are looking for something.