40+ Creative Designer Tees You Will Love

All of us have a weakness. I’d like to confess that T-shirts are my weakness and if I only could, I’d buy all T-shirt designs I can find on the Web. For me, a T-shirt is not just another piece of clothing. A tee is a great way to express yourself with text, images, collages or even just with colors.

Want to declare your love for a cause or protest an injustice? Put it on a T-shirt! Even without using your voice, the more people who wear the same shirt, the ‘louder’ the support.

Today though, we’re just going to enjoy some creative t-shirt designs. I spent hours browsing T-shirt design shops and have handpicked some 40+ creative examples of T-shirt designs for both boys and girls. From astronauts to zombies, carnivors to lion kings, these T-shirt designs may convert you to be a T-shirt lover like me!

1. No King

2. Summer Voyage

3. Peace to Meet You

5. Rocket

4. Wild Cat

5. Black Rose Wolf Shirt

6. Poked to death T-shirt

7. Lady Fox

8. Re-Born

9. Defenders of the Sky

10. Dino Frenzy

11. Eastern Sunset

12. All of Time and Space

13. Barnabus

14. Use Your Brain

15. Never Date an Astronaut

16. Adventure Wars

17. Call of the Wild

18. The Happy Adventurer

19. Play My Musical Robot

20. Phases

21. Four Spirits

22. Peace Rocks

23. Walk of Life

24. Purity In Red

25. True Colors

26. La Dolce Vita

27. Analog Android

28. Rose Marry

29. Irie Eye

30. Hug T-shirt

31. Lighting Bulb

32. French Bulldog Boss

33. Deforestation

34. Black Lips

35. Astronomical

36. Tyrannosaurus RAD

37. The Yeti on Vacation

38. View Master

39. Acid Rain

40. The Hanging City

41. Beauty Before Death

42. Husk

43. Swing