40+ Awesome T-Shirts For Geeks

Nerd Boss

A ray of light for the nerds when their boss is also a nerd. Let this shirt convey that you’re not suited booted kind of boss but a true nerd-at-heart boss.

It works on my machine T-Shirt

The most-heard phrase from your tech support guy or a programmer “It works on my machine”. Perfect as a gift for every programmer, IT guy, techie, or coder.

Geek T-Shirt

If the heavy set of glasses, the computer in your hands and books in your bag are not enough to show you’re a geek, you can try to give a full impact with this shirt.

Retro Floppy (Grunge) T-Shirt

To the 2000’s generation, this is the Save button, but only the 90’s kid knows the true meaning of a floppy disk and the memories associated with it.

Robot Crush

A cute little love story. R2D2 has a crush… on a garbage can.

Sleep not found T-Shirt

When you work too hard it becomes difficult to sleep. It looks cool on the t-shirt, but it isn’t so cool in real life.

USB I Am Your Father

Remember those days when all there was were 1.44mbs of space? Yea, this is a reminder, so count your blessings.

Nerd Teddy

Aww, a cute teddy bear, rather a nerdy bear that can melt anyone’s heart just by looking at it.

“Nerd Trooper”

If a stormtrooper was a nerd, that is how he would have looked like. Creativity indeed has no bounds.

Nerd Skull

An awesome shirt for a nerd to wear for the ‘Day of the dead’ festival.

HardCore Nerd

Give nerd-shaming a punch in the face. Tell the world that you’re a hardcore nerd and you love to show it off.

No one cares about your blog

Tell it like it is: No one cares about your blog. No one reads your blog. Enough about your blog already. Your blog is not special or interesting. Your blog is boring.

Gaming lifestyles

Drool marks and blood-shot eyes along with slowly decomposing junk food are hallmarks of a late night gaming session too good to stop, until you pass out that is.

DaVinci hax

If recently uncovered sketches prove to be authentic, that nefarious DaVinci guy may have been the unwitting inventor of our future doom!


If you’re not careful, your 360 may jettison you out an air-lock.

Extra lives

Don’t let anyone suck all the extra lives out of you.

Your skill in reading

This one is for all the MMORPG freaks out there. Now you can share that rewarding experience with those around you as they read your shirt!

Spell dyslexia

This funny dyslexia shirt is perfect for that friend or family member always claiming to have dyslexia.

“So many memories, so little RAM”

Spoken like a true geek, here’s a shirt that shows your inner emotions in a geek’s language that you can never get enough RAM to store all the good memories of your life.

Stop following me

Here’s a shirt that looks at the theory of evolution with a different angle, a funnier perspective.

Find X

A shirt that solves the most common mathematical question in the most simple way that anyone ever thought of.


Your invisibility t-shirt will come as invisibility shirt currently deactivated. Remember, turn it on at your own risk!

You complete me

This shirt helps you show your softer side in the most nerdy way possible. With a galaga t-shirt!

The Hangover baby

If you love the Hangover movie, then you would surely like the part where they carry a small baby all through the film. Well, here is a t-shirt for that.

You rock my universe

Tell the one you love that they’re almost as important as you are.


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